Tips On How To Establish Your Own Mobile Manicure Business

mobile manicure business


by Harvey McEwan

Are you a qualified nail technician, or about to graduate from beauty college? Have you considered being your own boss instead of working for a salon, or a spa? Establishing your own mobile manicure business gives you a lot more freedom. As your own boss, you can determine when you want to work, and how much you want to work each week.

Financial Planning And Legalities

In the initial stages of putting together your business plan, and sorting out the financial side of things, it’s worth it to employ someone with a bit of manicure business background knowledge, or you can attend free business consultancy meetings in places like your local library.

If you’re keen on developing a more profound knowledge that will let you do your own accounting, taxes, and the like, set aside some money for attending a part or full time course at your nearest city college, or an adult education center.

You’ll also need to ensure that your documentation, any diplomas, and licences, are all up to date. Remember, clients have the right to see those items as proof of your qualifications for the job, so it’s worth bringing these along in a folder. Imagine, in a salon these are usually hung on the wall behind the reception area.


Be patient when it comes to establishing a name for yourself. You shouldn’t expect to get flooded with bookings as soon as you launch the business. Invest some time, and energy, in developing an advertising campaign.

Start with the classics: word of mouth, and flyer distribution. Chat with your friends, relatives, local shop owners, ladies you go to aerobics with, and others. If you do print flyers, hand these out in busy areas, such as outside shopping centers, parks, and town squares, but be sure to approach your target audience only. Giving out flyers to the wrong groups of people is a waste of time, and money, as those flyers will only end up in the trash.

Social Media is another excellent channel through which to get the word out. What helps greatly for new businesses, is that social media is free! Some of the easiest platforms to master are also the most popular – Facebook and Twitter – so create your business profile, and start interacting with your potential customers.

Ensure that you have a logo, and some photos to post on the social profiles. Upload some pictures of yourself, and samples of the work you’ve done in the past. These days, the most successful businesses are the ones that find time to engage with their existing, and potential, customers.

Think about deals, and competitions, you could offer in the first few months of opening your business. For example, you could offer free treatments to the first five people who book, and follow through with, an appointment.

At a later stage, you could give small giveaways to clients who submit feedback forms online, or who get their friend to try out your services.


Your biggest investment is probably going to be stocking up on professional tools, and nail polish. Check, and double check, that you have every piece of equipment you might need to carry out the full range of services you are going to offer your clients.

Try to find a specialist with wholesale nail supplies for sale, as those will cost less than individual items purchased from high-priced retail beauty stores.

Always have a large variety of nail polishes on hand for your clients to choose from. If they are too heavy for you to carry all of them, leave a selection in your car, and only go out to get them if the client doesn’t like any of the ones you’ve already brought with you inside.

Harvey McEwan writes on a range of topics from manicures, and wholesale nail supplies, to launching your own beauty business.

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