Tips On How To Become A Mobile Hairdresser

tips for a mobile hairdresser


by Harvey McEwan

Are you a qualified hairdresser, or about to graduate from a beauty college? Or, are you fed up with working at a large, and busy, salon? Do you feel like being your own boss for a change?

Becoming a mobile hairdresser is no easy feat, but if you have the confidence, and the resources, to start your own business, and be an entrepreneur, then why not go ahead and do it? It can be very fulfilling and rewarding!

The five basic tips below are for hairdressers, but they can also apply to many other mobile or home based businesses.

Getting The Word Out

Think about your target audience and the best ways to approach them. People who seek mobile hairdressers could be stay-at-home moms, the elderly, people with disabilities, brides and bridesmaids, and others for whom it is important to find a hairdresser who can come to their home, or any venue.

Start spreading the word through friends and acquaintances (word of mouth). It could be worthwhile offering special deals to your first ten, or more, clients. Always make sure to deliver great service (hair styling skill, conversation, follow up, etc), because you can’t risk damaging your reputation (brand), if you are not in a good working mood.

Also, whenever possible or feasible, it is a good idea to give your clients a little more than they expected (over deliver).

If you’re familiar with various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, set up accounts for your business, and use trending hashtags to tap into local audiences. It’s also worth looking into joining forums and directories. For example, there are specialized forums for moms, the disabled, etc.

Keeping Yourself Organized

Be sincerely passionate about your chosen profession, because it is easier for a passionate person to be organized. Why? When you are truly passionate in your career, you will automatically be more organized. In other words, your passionate mindset will not allow you to be extremely disorganized, and jeopardize your business success.

Therefore, keeping yourself organized is vital to establishing a successful business. In order for you to be able to focus on your hairdressing clients, you should think about employing an accountant or bookkeeper to take care of your finances, and your taxes.

It’s worthwhile to consult with a professional, and/or to do your own due diligence, before launching your new business.

Make Sure You Keep An Appointment Diary (always have it with you, so you won’t double book clients)

Keep your equipment in check, always making sure you have the necessary items for your next appointment, depending on the service you’ll be delivering, i.e. cutting, dyeing, blow drying, styling, washing, braiding, etc.

It’s also worth keeping some of your diplomas and/or certificates on hand, especially if you are visiting new clients. They may wish to see proof that you’re a qualified and skilled hairdresser.

Gaining New Knowledge And Skills

To stay ahead of the competition, and show you really care about your job or career, attend an occasional course to gain some new skills and knowledge.

For example, have you recently heard of a new technique for creating hair highlights? Look out for courses being held in your area, so you can quickly and easily learn that new technique, and add it to your hair skills repertoire.

You could also attend industry conferences and seminars, to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, gain some valuable contacts, and increase your overall experience.

If you are using social media for advertising your business, be sure to mention any courses you have completed. You should also drop that course information into conversations while chatting with your clients, so they will know that you are dedicated, and constantly upgrading your skills.

Renewing Your Equipment

Don’t let your hair salon equipment get outdated! Old tools won’t leave a good impression on your clients, so be sure to regularly inspect all of your equipment to spot any signs of ageing.

For example, scissors can get rusty, and electrical equipment can simply start to look outdated, considering the speed at which the industry releases new products.

Harvey McEwan is knowledgeable in the field of hair salon equipment, and setting up related home businesses.

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