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Learn what is currently trending in forex, get trading help, and keep up with the latest forex market and economic news. Note: Trading View discontinued their chatbox for websites, so that is the reason why it is no longer here on this page…

Need-To-Know Forex Info
Forex/FX=Foreign Exchange | Forex World Trading Hours
Forex Scandal-Probe | Currency Pair:Counter|Quote|Base

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Get More Forex News And Info Here => Business News

The Forex Profit Calculator
This calculator will calculate your trades’ profit, or loss, for all major pairs and cross
currency pairs, and it will give you the results in one of 8 major account currencies.


Real-Time Forex Heat Map => Top Traded Forex Currencies
Spot strong & weak currencies in real-time, and see how strong they
are in relation to one another. This trading tool can help you choose
trading strategies, find opportunities, and/or trade with confidence.
[Click any cross-heat square for more info, news, and analysis.]

Forex Economic Calendar => Upcoming Economic Events, Announcements, And News
[The calendar is used by investors to monitor market-moving events, such as economic
indicators, and monetary policy decisions.] Simply click on anything to learn everything:
click on the logo for a list of countries, or click on the event names for a full explanation.
View All Events?: Use the right-side scroll-bar, or use your mouse wheel to scroll below…

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