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On this page we report the Frugal News about frugality. In addition, we will report the news about Minimalism, plus the unpredictable lifestyle of a Vehicle Nomad: (Recreational Vehicle [RV], Auto [Car], MiniVanDweller, CargoVanDweller, Truck w/ Camper, Mariner [Merchant Seaman], or a Trucker)… Note: A Digital Nomad uses a computer to work online from wherever they are… PS: Many Nomads are weather aware, introverted, vegan, tiny house curious, or vegetarian, so that news is also here. In addition, below is all the Travel, Food, And RV Press-Release News…

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The Dweller Nomad Credo *[Andre’ @ Know How To Earn | April 8, 2018]
“Be Frugal, Minimal, Happy, Healthy, And Roam As Free As You Want To Be”
*[former merchant seaman nomad, digital nomad, & urban auto nomad]

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Most Nomads Will Follow-The-Weather (Warm Or Cool); Which Determines The Direction Of Their Travel

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