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This page was created for one reason… To make it Quick And Easy for anyone to Drop News And Business Inquiries for us here at KnowHowToEarn to consider.

News Drop: A News Drop is a link to a newspaper article, social network tweet or post, website article, forum post, news video, blog post, a specific news radio/tv show, or a specific podcast episode, etc. A News Drop is also any news that you may receive in your email inbox about a small business, a fortune 500 company, etc. You are welcome to submit your News Drop(s) => right now on another page

Business Inquiry: A Business Inquiry is a proposition to work together, or on behalf of, for our mutual financial benefit. Also, here at Know How To Earn, a business inquiry does not include make-money programs. In other words, we consider a business inquiry to be any potential legal business relationship that is not a typical type of internet make-money program. Submit your Business Inquiry or Site Monetization by using the submission form below on this page

Article Or Video Post: If you are the author or creator of an informative, interesting, or instructive article or video about any appropriate subject matter, submit it to us for possible publication. If we approve it, your article or video will be posted here on this site. However, you must first => click over to another page, and then you must scroll down to the [Fourth Service Section] for complete details and instructions…

Program News: You are welcome to express yourself about any Internet Make Money Program by making a comment. You can share your pro/con news and opinion, plus you can leave a website link, so => use a cursor here to go there

Info Drop: An Info Drop is a link to a high-quality RSS Feed or Widget, or a link to an alternative source of useful info for placement on our various site pages. We will view each submitted item to determine whether we will use it now, later, or never. If we like it, it will be on the appropriate page at the appropriate time. Now => click here to leave any info drop

“We Will Spread Your News, In Various Categories, To Our Diverse Worldwide Audience.” -Admin & Team

Note: No comments with spam, fake news, or any other inappropriate content will be allowed on any post or page of this site. Also, we reserve the right to use, or refuse, any news that is submitted to us. However, our decision will never be based on any type of bias whatsoever. We will approve any comment, pro or con, on any of our available news category pages, or on any post, if your pro or con comment meets the minimum editorial criteria for this site.

PS (You are always welcome to visit any of our current or previous posts or pages to submit your news, comments, or reviews there. You may also submit your blog, website, or affiliate link for free exposure, if you choose to do so.) OK?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We are always interested in any legal high-quality business and monetization methods that would be
beneficial to us, and our audience… So (1) You submit it (2) We review it (3) If appropriate, we use it.
[Do not use this form for make-money program submissions. Refer to our program owners page.]

How all this benefits you?: (A) You can brand your name or company, if you submit or comment often.
(B) If you own a blog, or website, you can get some free exposure, whenever someone clicks your link.
(C) You can share the news that you prefer (similar to how news is shared on any social network site).