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Disclaimer: We do not own any of these programs. Therefore, we cannot offer any guarantees.
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[Some details in descriptions below may have changed after initial posting.]
Due to the fact that we have received questions about which program
is best, we have now numbered our personal favorites from 1 thru 10.
These programs are ALL our favorites, that is why they are listed here.
{Also, all or most of these sites have a $1.00 to $5.00 Signup Bonus.}

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Shopping For Rebates
Earn Up To 40% Cash Back or Double Cash Back @ Over 1800 Stores Online, Offline, & App
#6: [USA, Canada, Korea, Japan / 5 Ways To Save Money & Earn Money / Check | PayPal pay]
Receive Gift Cards Instantly
Earn By Searching, Watching Videos, Clicking Links, Shopping Online, Completing Surveys
#4: [Instant Payment: eCheck, PayPal, Direct Deposit | worldwide or within 7 business days]
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Get Dollars In Your Inbox
Offers, Surveys, Games, TV, Search, Email$, Videos, Deals, Scratch & Win
#3: [USA & UK | Cashout: Merchant eCard, Prepaid Visa, Check-In-The-Mail]
A Rebel With A Prize
Get Paid: Profile, Download Apps, Site Tour, Likes, Tasks, Trials, Surveys
#5: [worldwide | paid by Gift Cards, PayPal, BTC, Dwolla | $2.00 minimum]
Good Pie And Great Music
Earn By Listening To & Reviewing Music, Commercials, Logos, & Fashion

#10: [available: USA & Europe / minimum cashout: $10.00 PayPal 5-days]
<=== !Money Free $5.00 Get <==> Stop Struggling And Get Trained! ===>——————————————————————————————————————————
Your View Gets You Paid
Get Paid: Easy TraitScore & Market Research surveys. Everyone qualifies!
#9: [available to all PayPal countries / receive PayPal payment in 1-3-days]

Use Swag To Earn Bucks
Make Money when you Search, Watch, Play, Answer, Shop, Discover, Buy
#1: [USA-Canada-India-UK-AUS-Ireland/Amazon, PayPal, Dwolla, Gift Card]

 It Makes Sense To Clix
Earn to: Shop~Listen To Radio~Checklist Bonus~Surveys~Tasks~Offers

#8: [not in AF-CN-CU-IR-IQ-KP-NE-VN / 5 Ways To Receive Pay / $10 Min]
Ira Goes To The Zoo
Make Money with the Games, Videos, Surveys, Offers, Searches, Email, And Apps
#7: [available in all the PayPal countries / no minimum / PayPal Cash & Gift Cards]———————————————————————————————————————————
No Confusion, Just Cash
Get Paid: Watch Videos, Read Emails, Phone Calls, Easy Surveys, Forum Posting
#2: [USA & Canada / cashout w/ PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit / 20th each month]

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