Rare Coins As An Alternative Investment

rare coin investment portfolio

by Scott Hopkins Rare coins make excellent alternative investments for the youthful investor’s portfolio. Rare coins are a type of investment based on scarcity, and demand, in the most simple terms. Unlike investing in stocks, coins are held in their physical form, and must be kept in pristine condition to maintain their high value and/or rarity. Yet, they are purported…

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How To Find Or Enhance Your Self-Worth

your self worth

by Linda Cattelan Do you measure your personal self-worth based on what others think of you? Do you work really hard to make others like or approve of you? Do you find it hard to say no to people, believing that others’ priorities are more important than your own? Do you lack confidence? If you answered yes to most of…

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The Not-Me Employee Syndrome

employer and employee at work

by Nan Russell A common pastime at work, it seems, is to point out fellow employee flaws, missteps, and problems. Especially the boss’s flaws, a coworker’s problems down the hall, or that person in another department who had a noticeable misstep. Stories of fellow employee performance and style inadequacies, or snippets of negative encounters, are sometimes unfairly repeated at the…

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What The Internet-of-Things Means For Businesses

the internet of things

by Chris Kambala The Internet of Things is changing the expectations of consumers. It has or will also change the way that businesses operate. The initial uptake of interconnected smart devices was slower than was initially forecast. However, the demand for the technology is developing at a rapid pace. That demand has or will place new pressures on businesses to…

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8 Ways To Build A Habit Of Success

a habit of success

by Ahmed Al-Shraify To become successful, we have to first understand what the word “success” really means. The Cambridge Dictionary defines success as; “the achieving of desired results, or someone, or something, that achieves positive results”. Despite the actual definition, the word “success” has now been associated with monetary rewards by society. Often times people think that to be successful…

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Invest, Support The Arts, And Make Money

how to invest in art

by Andrew Lawrence There are many things you can invest in. Art is one investment that you should consider. Think about it. Art! Unlike many typical investments, like stocks and bonds, you can actually hang-up this investment on the wall, and enjoy it for a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be stored away, or intangible, or never seen. Art can…

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4 Tricks Casinos Use To Make You Spend More Time And Money

casino tricks

by Joshua Rowley Casinos want us to spend as much time within their premises as possible. To make sure that players stay and gamble longer, casinos use various tricks. Those tricks affect our subconscious, and manipulate us into spending more time (and more money) at the casino. Keep reading below, and learn how casinos manipulate players into spending more time…

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Five Main Myths & Misconceptions About Any MLM

MLM Myths And Misconceptions

by Nancy Harnell Who wouldn’t want to start an internet home-based business these days? Each day seems to add more tension to the workday commute, not to mention the work day itself. When you take into consideration the bad weather, the rising per gallon gas cost, and frequent highway accidents, the home-based business idea is looking better and better. However,…

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Ten Negotiating Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands

the negotiation success process

by Michael Soon Lee Success in negotiating is a lot like becoming proficient in martial arts. You must learn to use timing, power, and leverage to your advantage. In bargaining contests, Americans tend not to do very well when compared to people in other countries around the world. There are some real black belts out there, and here are some…

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Do You Have What It Takes To Live Your Best Life?

live your best life today

by Emma Viglucci This how-to-be-happy-and-successful, and live-your-best-life, advice and information applies to you whether you are heterosexual, LGBTQ, single, married, or in a committed relationship. Do you have what it takes to live your best life? As I embrace this concept more and more, for myself and to bring to you, of course, I’m just in awe at the gorgeousness…

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12 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Company

increase your company value

by John Morrow The value of a business, or a company, is the most important thing for the employers, as well as the employees, of that company. For employers, it is important as it helps them in selling the business off at the time of need with a better selling price. For employees, the value of the business is directly…

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Crystal Vanner Nomadic Lifestyle: “Hey CV, How Ya Be?”

crystal vanner female nomad

Crystal Vanner Black Female Pioneer VanDweller Nomad “HEY CV, HOW YA BE?” A Message From Your Fans, Not Just Me Crystal Vanner was an honest diehard Nomadic Planner She planned her YouTube Life for her, and her Fanners Now she seems lost, and knows not what to do, so she says to us, her fans, that she is through We…

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How To Market Your Business From Your Van

van and vehicle wraps

by Will Hill Knowing the most effective way to market your business is a hurdle many business owners – and their marketing managers – are familiar with. With so many options available and with a budget to consider, where do you start, and how do you decide which will be the best method for you? Using your company vehicle as…

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Options 101: What Are Options, And How Do They Work?

options trading 101

by Dan George There are two types of options, Calls and Puts. A Call Option permits the buying of an option, whereas a Put Option will permit the selling of an option. Do you ever wonder how Options work, and why does it all sound “Greek” to you while other people are talking about Calls and Puts? First of all,…

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