How To Not Work Your A** Off To Make Someone Else Rich

dont work your ass off to make someone else rich

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How To Not Work Your A** Off To Make Someone Else Rich

How In The Hell by Charles Bukowski

Be An Entrepreneur
Of course, the answer is to cease being an employee. You must transition into being an
entrepreneur, and being your own boss, by starting your own small business. Then, you
would be self-employed, and you would have the freedom to work from home, or from
your own business office. You may need ample money, good credit, and connections.

Be A Vehicle Nomad
However, if you are now in debt, or you simply want to travel and stop paying rent;
you should adopt a frugal nomadic lifestyle. In other words, you could live in your
, keep your rent money in your pocket (or in your bank), travel the country,
and work as you go (or be stationary for awhile, work, and build your savings).

Be An Investor Or Trader
Another way to escape the rat-race; is to become an investor, or investment
 for stock, crypto fiat, blkchn forex, or commodity. There is a learning
, and high risk, but all or most successful investors and traders have
time freedom, high earnings, peer recognition, and mentor opportunities.

Be A Gig Worker Or Crowdfunder
In addition, you could receive above average pay as a freelance and/or
gig economy worker, and work whenever or wherever you choose to do
so. Also, with enough investment funds, you can earn passive income
as an angel investor | crowdfunder | venture capitalist, so get started.

Be A Blogger And Marketer
You can start your own blog to make money with internet affiliate or
network marketing. However, always lookout and try to avoid those
online scams. That coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has affected
all or many offline businesses, but online businesses are thriving.

Be A Fanatical Reader
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[updated Dec 25, 2020]

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