Things To Avoid While Seeking Online Traffic

seeking online traffic

by Pol Thomas

This article is meant for beginner website owners and/or internet marketers (IM). So, if you are a seasoned IM, then you will not find anything new to “chew on” here.

While you put forth an effort to get maximum traffic to your website, you need to keep in mind certain basic facts that prove to be best practices in the long run.

#1: Never promise the customer anything that you can’t deliver. This usually applies when you are availing yourself of article marketing services in order to increase traffic to your site. The introduction paragraph, and the title, are very important parts of any article. They tell the readers what they can expect from the remaining part of the article.

Do not make any exaggerations, or offer any false promises, to your readers in the title, or the body, of your article. That will only result in you losing any credibility you may have had, and losing all or most of the website traffic that you were attempting to gain.

Honesty is always the best policy, because maintaining good credibility is a very important ingredient to establishing a long-term successful online business.

#2: Don’t exchange links with just “any” website; Link building is among the best methods of getting a lot of traffic to your website. You need to be very careful before choosing what websites you are going to become associated with.

Linking with a website that is banned by the search engines, especially Google, may cause visitors to think your site is also corrupt like the one you have linked to.

That will eventually cause your website to get penalized by Google, etc, resulting in a sharp drop in traffic. Getting your website “unbanned” is a long drawn-out process, and it could ruin your business, so don’t go there!

#3: Create website content for the people who will visit your site. The main reason for developing your website content should be to help the readers who are going to use it, not specifically to impress the search engines.

On the other hand, you still need to optimize your site by availing yourself of search engine optimization (SEO) practices or services that will help to get you a higher page rank, and listing, in search engine result pages.

You should never compromise on the quality of your content. Content quality makes the readers spend some more time on your site, and this increases your chance of making sales and/or signups. Do not just try to get “any” traffic; focus on getting the most valuable traffic.

#4: Don’t change your registered and active domain name, unless it is absolutely necessary. Domain names that are registered for a longer period of time (two years or more) are considered more credible by the search engines, and that is a factor with gaining a higher overall ranking.

Of course, higher rankings are very crucial for generating a higher volume of consistent traffic to your site.

#5: Don’t waste your time using questionable, or black-hat, traffic generation tactics. Those type of tactics are not worth your time or effort, and they are very unlikely to bring you any worthwhile traffic. Also, as mentioned above, your site could get temporarily or permanently banned for taking ill-advised and unnecessary chances.

By utilizing correct methods, you can enjoy the actual benefits which will help in getting a huge influx of visitors to your website. That ultimately helps to improve your business lead generation success, and your bottom-line profit.

The author of this article, Pol Thomas, is a renowned web development services professional with a wealth of experience in internet marketing.

[updated Feb 9, 2021]

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