Why Do Webmasters Favor Manual Article Submission?

manual article submission

by Fabiola Groshan Article marketing is one of the proven effective internet marketing techniques to achieve visibility for your website, and attract a larger target audience. This approach seeks to improve search engine rankings by relying heavily on manual article submission. The strong points of online article submission include boosting web traffic, improving site rankings in search results pages, and…

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Things To Avoid While Seeking Online Traffic

seeking online traffic

by Pol Thomas This article is meant for beginner website owners and/or internet marketers (IM). So, if you are a seasoned IM, then you will not find anything new to “chew on” here. While you put forth an effort to get maximum traffic to your website, you need to keep in mind certain basic facts that prove to be best…

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Make The Most Of The Internet With These 5 Basic Tips

make the most of the internet

by Tracy King Undoubtedly, nowadays the Internet is an indispensable tool in every aspect of our life. We make friends via social media like Facebook, watch TV series through Netflix, use computers to perform our job, etc. The trend is that we don’t have to take the trouble to read books or magazines, because the Internet is so resourceful that…

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5 Reasons Why Online Video Marketing Is The New To-Do

by Julien Eweev In 1941, the world watched the first TV commercial ever. More than 70 years later, with the booming of the internet and the social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Vine, and others, the world witnessed a significant increase in video watching. Due to this phenomenon, many businesses and web agencies around the world took advantage of this new opportunity…

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I Know What You Want

I’ll Give It To You, I Know What You Want by Victor Terekhovskyi “Baby, if you give it to me, I’ll give it to you, I know what you want” as a famous rapper sang a few years ago. But in web development this principle works quite the opposite. The secret to web success is to give something to your…

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Using Old Content

5 Tips For Using Old Content To Draw New Customers To Your Business by Steve Shaw Customers find out about you online by discovering articles, blog posts and other types of content you’ve created. Content you create is essentially the doorway through which new customers can find you and be introduced. [Your Support Of KnowHowToEarn.Com Is Valuable] (1) COMMENT On…

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