Twelve Flexible Work-From-Home-Job Career Paths

flexible work from home careers

The Know How To Earn Uplifting And Enlightening INFOGRAPHIC | MEME | OR | PHOTO OF THE DAY Twelve Flexible Work-From-Home-Job Career Paths Work From Home | History (flexible work, telecommute, remote work) is a work arrangement in which employees don’t commute, or travel, to a particular place for work. In other words, employees and entrepreneurs will work at their home,…

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Ten Pre-Internet Tech Words With New Meanings Now

word meanings then and now

by Matt Simons The 20th century was an era of inventions! This glorious period blessed humans with some life-changing inventions including the Internet. We have noticed a significant change not only in our lives, but also in the culture, and linguistics. This is the reason why dictionaries published new editions with more trendy and updated words. However, some old words…

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What The Internet-of-Things Means For Businesses

the internet of things

by Chris Kambala The Internet of Things is changing the expectations of consumers. It has or will also change the way that businesses operate. The initial uptake of interconnected smart devices was slower than was initially forecast. However, the demand for the technology is developing at a rapid pace. That demand has or will place new pressures on businesses to…

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The Summarized History Of Email Marketing

the evolution of email marketing

by Terry Detty Most of us jump on our smart phone, work computer, tablet, or personal computer several times each day to check our email. It has definitely become a popular method of communication for work, personal relationships, and internet or affiliate marketing. You must have already noticed that you get more emails encouraging you to purchase items than ever…

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Comfortable Networking For Women (And Men)


by Glenise Anderson Networking is an important part of business, and every business woman (and man) must conduct networking in order to do well in their organization. Due to other commitments, some women find it harder to network during the evening, and hence, they prefer to attend functions during the day. There are many options which allow women to carry out…

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Make The Most Of The Internet With These 5 Basic Tips

make the most of the internet

by Tracy King Undoubtedly, nowadays the Internet is an indispensable tool in every aspect of our life. We make friends via social media like Facebook, watch TV series through Netflix, use computers to perform our job, etc. The trend is that we don’t have to take the trouble to read books or magazines, because the Internet is so resourceful that…

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