Opportunity Is Missed By Most People, Because…

opportunity is missed by most people

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“Opportunity Is Missed By Most People, Because
It Is
Dressed In Overalls, And Looks Like Work”
Anonymous? | Thomas Edison?
Note: Thomas Edison is normally listed as the author of
this phrase, although there is no proof that he coined it.

Thoughtful Or Funny Variations Below
“Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Missed Opportunity”
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

“Opportunities Are Like Sunrises. If
You Wait Too Long, You Miss Them”
William Arthur Ward

“Don’t Regret Missed Opportunities. If They Were Truly
Meant To Be, They Would Not Have Been Missed”
-Sherry L. Russell

“You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take”
Wayne Gretsky

“In 20 Years, You Will Be More Disappointed By
What You Didn’t Do, Than By What You Did”
Mark Twain

The History Or Definition Of Today’s Featured Quote Or Phrase
The premise of this quotation is simple… That there are very few shortcuts to success. That
success is nearly always the result of work. Sometimes a lot of work. Sometimes for a long
time… The bigger point of this quotation is that people will often miss an opportunity when
it’s available to them, because the required workload makes the opportunity less appealing.

7 Tips To Overcome Regret Over Missed Opportunities
How To Recover And Thrive After A Missed Opportunity

“Missed Opportunity” Video by Daryl Hall and John Oates (Hall And Oates)

PS: A “missed opportunity” is a chance to do or accomplish something that you did not take
advantage of. If someone offers you a job, and you don’t take it, that’s a missed opportunity.

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