The Five Most Common Myths About A Freelance Career

freelance myths and flexible work

by Hannah Zsarina De Leon

Freelancing is a fantastic career choice, especially when you have a passion for the skills you want to be paid for. It allows you to shape your work day as you see fit, and work with some amazing clients on some fantastic projects.

In other words, you can be a freelance digital nomad, work on your laptop anywhere in the world, and make good money on your own terms.

It gives you a sense of freedom you’ll never experience as an employee. The difference is that when you are an employee, you are obliged to follow the schedule set by the company. However, when you’re a freelancer, you own your time, which means you don’t need to request time off for vacations, or sick leave.

Despite that, there are still a lot of myths surrounding freelancers, so let’s explore the five most common ones below…

Myth #1. You Have To Be Fluent In English Before You Can Start:

English is the universal language. Clients expect you to speak and understand that language, but that does not mean you cannot succeed in freelancing, if you are not fluent.

Be aware of the language barrier, and do your best to overcome that by improving your language skills, either by taking language courses, or by trying to do self-learning to be more fluent, and to be able to understand and communicate with clients better. You can improve your English simultaneously.

Myth #2. You Have To Be On An Audio Or Video Call Most Of The Time:

There are two types of freelance process jobs: (A) Voice process jobs involve phone calling with customers or clients with either inbound or outbound telemarketing. (B) Non-voice process jobs involve work with a computer and the internet (email handling, chat support, messages etc).

In reality, 7 out of 10 clients actually prefer to communicate via Email, Whatsapp, Slack, or any other related app, as their way of communicating with you about their project. However, audio and video calls will be part of your freelance work from time to time.

Myth #3. You Must Have A Lot Of Previous Experience:

Obviously, all freelancers started as newbies (fresh out of school or from the corporate world), not having any idea about how to be a freelancer. You can always attend workshops, or use online resources (google, youtube, etc), to improve your skills. You can develop and improve your skills at your own pace.

Therefore, being in control of your time will allow you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, and really understand what type of freelancer you want to be.

Myth #4. You Can Only Find Clients At Upwork, Fiverr, Or Freelancer (.com):

Those three are all good and reliable platforms for finding potential freelance project clients. However, many clients now post on Facebook Groups, Instagram, and any other appropriate site. You should initially give every platform a fair trial to discover for yourself which one or two is/are best for you.

Myth #5. You Are Too Young, Or Too Old, To Begin Freelancing:

As long as you have the skills, and you can consistently meet project deadlines, you have just as much of a chance at being successful as your older or younger counterparts. One of the obvious benefits of freelancing; is the flexibility that it provides you.

Clients do not really care about your age, race, or education. They normally only care about the success rate that you will bring to their business. However, it requires a great deal of self-discipline as well. As long as you have the determination, and the right attitude, you’re never too old, or too young, to be a freelancer.

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