The Six Ingredients For A Doable Goal-Setting Recipe

set realistic goals for yourself

by Clement Sadjere

A goal can be defined as a task or assignment which must be undertaken within a set amount of time. It is commonly referred to as a target, or an aim. The essence of having a target goal in life is to ensure that you have a committed sense of direction, and a sensible expectation of success.

The attainment of any goal is not an easy task, because it involves many tedious details which must be correctly implemented, if any measure of success is to be achieved.

[1] Narrow Your Goal

Every goal must be specific in nature to enhance its implementation. It is abnormal for you to attempt to achieve goals that are ambiguous and general in nature. Therefore, you should narrow your target goal-setting down to a specific area of interest, and then be consistent with sticking to that plan.

[2] Make It Challenging

One of the things I enjoy about setting goals for myself is the challenge it imposes on me. When something is not challenging enough, there will be no drive or motivation to achieve it. I wake up each day with a burning desire to surmount the challenge that has been placed on my path to greatness by the goals I have set for myself.

[3] Always Be Realistic

There is nothing as discouraging as seeing someone pursuing an unrealistic goal. For example, a teenager who is still struggling to complete his/her high school education should not be setting a goal of getting married too soon, because it is not only unwise, but also unrealistic.

The main reason why most small businesses eventually fail; is closely related to the exaggerated and unrealistic goals that most entrepreneurs set for themselves.

[4] Make Success Adjustments

It is good to set goals that are very challenging, but when such goals become impossible to achieve, the adjustment must be made to ensure that your success is possible. In other words, set yourself up for success, not for failure.

An entrepreneur who sets a target goal of $300,000 profit monthly when he/she is still trying to break even; will end up frustrated and defeated. It would have been better to start with a $3,000 monthly profit goal before moving your goal post onward and upward.

[5] Short-Term Segments

The achievement of a target goal can be dependent upon your ability to breakup such a task, or assignment, into smaller segments. You can start with short-term goal segments before advancing to medium-term segments. Long term goals are more digestible by conquering small segmented goals along the way.

For example, short term goal segments may be achieved in a year or less, depending on the circumstances, but your long term goal may not be completed for a 5 to 10 year duration.

One of the benefits of setting short-term goal segments is that they are easier to accomplish, and when success is achieved in the short-term, replicating that same entrepreneurial success in the medium and long-term becomes much more attainable.

[6] Long-Term Target

It is better to aim for a big long-term target goal, so that if you miss your target, you will still have learned a meaningful lesson. In other words, lessons learned from experience are the most lasting, so experience is the best teacher, and also no pain, no gain.

On the other hand, when your overall target goal is too small, it won’t give you enough satisfaction of success, if you happen to eventually ‘hit the bullseye‘.

Assuming an entrepreneur started the year with the aim of achieving a profit of $800,000, but he/she only earned $400,000. It can still be deemed to be a successful year, considering the fact that a substantial profit was earned, and the business is moving in the right direction.

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