Comfortable Networking For Women (And Men)

by Glenise Anderson

Networking is an important part of business, and every business woman (and man) must conduct networking in order to do well in their organization. Due to other commitments, some women find it harder to network during the evening, and hence, they prefer to attend functions during the day.

There are many options which allow women to carry out networking with ease, and comfort. Some of these options are being described below…

1. Telephone Calls (Or Text): Every day ensure you are calling people. Whether these people are friends or family, you are building relationships, and networking. So, next time when you call any of these people in your life, give a call to a colleague as well. Touch base with people regularly to make your relationships stronger.

2. Emailing: Sending and receiving emails is one of the easiest, and quickest, ways by which you can keep in touch with people. You must be sending emails on a daily basis to people in your contact list. Send an email to your colleagues as well; just to say hello perhaps.

Add value – send them something you know they are interested in – this is a way in which you can strengthen your relationships with your clients. Other than that it is a great way to communicate, and it is extremely convenient. Apart from keeping in touch, you can also send emails to perhaps find a job, or contact someone in your field to get some further information.

3. Snail Mail (Post Office): On a daily basis, you must be receiving flyers, newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. What many people do not realize is that this too is a form of networking. It could help you find out about the new trends in your field. This type of mail can be beneficial, so before you throw it mindlessly in the garbage bin, give it a quick look over. You never know where new information is going to come from.

4. Internet: The internet has become a great networking tool, as well, these days. The internet provides people with all sorts of information which can be helpful. It is also considered to be one of the low risk places where networking can begin on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, etc). All that you would be required to do is post and research, and then you would be on your way to increasing the volume of your networking.

5. Message Boards (Forums): Another way of networking is by joining a message board. You could sign in without revealing your name, and you could ask for any help with the information you are seeking.

By making use of the above methods, networking can be conducted in a comfortable environment, and in a very comfortable way. Everyone wants to carry out things in an easy, and convenient way. The above methods are great ways of carrying out your networking during the day (or night).

Each of these methods have their own advantages, and disadvantages. Although, you should always remember that the best way to build relationships is usually face-to-face meetings, and then phone calls. Practice makes perfect, so try all of the other networking ways above, but don’t forget to sometimes go out there, and meet people in person. Believe me, it does get easier with some practice, and enough time.

Glenise Anderson is a successful business woman who wants to share her knowledge, and skills, with other women. Her organization: Self Confident Women, provides tailored education solutions that meet the personal, and professional, development needs of women:

[updated Feb 9, 2021]

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