Your Mindset Is Your Intro To Working Online

by Shaun Bennett

First off, DON’T PANIC about anything!

I know there is a lot of information to learn online about working at home, and I know that you may feel like your brain is about to explode, but just take things slowly, and don’t worry.

Here is something I think might help. A good friend and great inspiration, once said; “What did you know the SECOND you were born”?

I know, crazy question, but I am actually being very serious. The day you were born, the moment you left your Mother’s Womb, the first breath of air you took, what did you know?

Did you already know how to talk… Walk? Dance? Sing? Write? Drive?

Did you know what the first time of being in love would feel like? Did you know whether or not you would like taking piano lessons? Could you play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata during your first lesson? If you did, you should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. In-fact, if you did, I would LOVE TO MEET YOU, and shake your hand! Heck, I’ll even pay for lunch!

My point here is that all of us knew none of the above that first moment we were brought into this world. Our only knowledge was ” instinct”. It was only over the years of being taught that we learned how to talk, drive, write, sing, dance, etc. We had to “learn” first before any of this was possible.

Our brains were blank, just waiting to be fed with knowledge. We didn’t know anything. We instinctively knew how to breathe, and who our Mother was, you get what I’m saying? This is something that everyone, including myself, needs to remember at all times. Why? Because, I too was victim in the past of a certain wrong way of thinking.

When we are born, we are developed by our teachings, and experiences, with what we are surrounded by. Our brains are like computers, they only know the information that they are fed with, and what we are exposed to on a daily basis. This is what our belief systems are built from. When we are exposed to a negative upbringing, we tend to see things in a negative manner, and vise-versa.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people I talk to who tell me “Well, I can’t do that”, “I wouldn’t know how to do that”, “I’ll never have the money to do that”, etc. This type of thinking will ALWAYS keep someone stuck in a rut. For some, they are OK with that way of thinking. There always seems to be a certain fear when taking on something one has never done before. It’s scary, I get it, all to well, trust me.

I began to run from opportunity, because I never believed I could do it. I thought there was no way, no how. Where the heck did this way of thinking come from? I had no idea, and before I knew it, I had lived my whole life believing that I could never be more than what I was at that time. I subconsciously chose to be frozen in time. It was an easy way out. Sounds crazy, but that was my thought process.

I had to force myself out of these limiting beliefs, but I still didn’t know how to do that until one day the thought crossed my mind… “What did you know the SECOND you were born?” It was like the brightest light of my life had finally turned on! I answered myself, “Nothing, but I know a whole lot more now!”

Because of this realization, I knew that I could now do anything. All I had to do was take the time to learn.

Listen, I do not claim to be any type of writer. I’m sure that any professional writer, who may be reading this, can easily point out all of my grammatical errors in half-a-second, but the way I look at it, is as follows… If you can read the words I type, and receive the message I am sending, then a misplaced comma or period here-and-there is not the end of the world.

Do you think the wealthiest people on the planet just popped out of their Mother’s Womb knowing how to do what they do? Were their bank accounts already full with money ready to spend or invest? NO! (Unless they were born with a “silver spoon” in their mouth.) So, even the wealthiest people, at one point in time, did not know anything! What they did know was that it was time to learn, see where the road of life would take them, and proceed accordingly.

How many success stories have you seen lately of housewives, single parents, people who were unemployed and had lost everything, turn it around by learning a new way to earn an income? They knew nothing before they started, but chose to try something different. They did not limit their beliefs. They started somewhere, learned how, and then generated more income than they ever dreamed of, and continue to do so. Why, because they made up their minds to stop being sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired.

So the next time you think of successful people, the next time you “wish” you knew how to do something, the next time you say to yourself, “well I couldn’t possibly begin to do that”, guess what, you are wrong. YOU CAN and YOU WILL do what’s necessary, if you want successful results badly enough. Everyone had to start from square one at some point, why are you any different?

Changing Your Thought Process = Changing Your Life!

The next time you doubt yourself, and I mean with anything in life, always remember this question: “What did I know the SECOND I was born”, and watch how you will suddenly see things in a new light.

Choose the position you want to be at in your life, take the 1st baby step to achieving it, and you will be surprised at the help that will magically find it’s way to you.

“The Journey Of A Thousand Miles, Begins With A Single Step” -Lao Tzu

A Brief Biography: My name is Shaun Bennett. I have been an internet entrepreneur for the last three years. I have a wolf-shepherd named Max. I love fishing, photography, scuba diving, motorcycles and movies. I am a aspiring film-maker and continue to incorporate my passion into my work. Before I started working online I was a involved with E.M.S for about ten years. First as a volunteer with the County Fire Dept, then as an EMT with E.V.A.C Ambulance and then as a Paramedic With Miami-Dade Ambulance.

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