Money Money Money, Ain’t It Funny, In A Rich Man’s World

ABBA Money Money Money


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Money Money Money, Ain’t It Funny, In A Rich Man’s World

Background Story: The europop music song, Money Money Money, was released in 1976, and is sung by
the Swedish supergroup ABBA [Agnetha FältskogBjörn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad].
The song was written by the two male members of the group. Note: Money Money Money is basically a
story about a woman who believes that her only way to escape poverty, and enjoy life, is to find herself
a wealthy man. PS ABBA consisted of two sets of married couples, and the group disbanded in 1982.
They were a highly successful group of the 1970’s, and their breakup was never officially announced.

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“Money, Money, Money” | A Scene From The Musical: Mamma Mia! | Starring: Meryl Streep…

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