Money! Get Back, And Keep Your Hands Off Of My Stack!

Money! Get Back, And Keep Your Hands Off Of My Stack!


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Money! Get Back, And Keep Your Hands Off Of My Stack!

Background Story: The classic rock song, Money, by Pink Floyd was released in 1973, and it is about all the
bad things that money can bring to your life. This song is often misinterpreted to be a tribute to money, but
it is not. Also, many people thought that the line “Money, it’s a gas,” meant that Pink Floyd considered their
own collective wealth to be a noteworthy achievement, but that was not the case for this particular song.
This song also unapologetically says: “Money, it’s a crime. Share it fairly, but don’t take a slice of my pie.”

Pink Floyd: “Money (In Concert | 1994 | Earls Court | London, England)”

Pink Floyd: “Money (With Lyrics)”
correction @ 1:27 “keep your hands off OF my stack”]
[correction @ 2:02 it’s a “Saxophone Solo” until 3:04…]

[last updated on 09-07-2020]

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