Your Job Or Education Is Not A Motivation To Make Money Online

by Chris Mohr

Your ability to motivate and think for yourself may have been compromised, or even severely damaged, by your schooling, and home environment as a child. An acclaimed teacher in New York City had the following to say regarding what our schools, and society are doing to our children, and also may have already done to you!

The 7 Key Aspects of a child’s environment, and educational system, which leads to an ingrained program for failure…

1. Confusion: Much of what is taught in today’s classrooms in out of context so it has no relevance to the child and is, therefore confusing.

2. Class Position: Children must know their place and stay in the class where they belong.

3. Indifference: Nothing important is ever finished in many classes.

4. Emotional Dependency: Most teachers teach children to surrender their will to the chain of command, using stars and red checks, smiles and frowns, prizes, honors and disgraces.

5. Intellectual Dependency: The most important lesson. Children must wait for the expert authority to make all the important decisions, to tell them what to study. There is no place for curiosity, only conformity.

6. Provisional Self-Esteem: Because it is so difficult to make self-confident spirits conform, children must be taught that their self-respect depends on expert opinion. They must be constantly tested, evaluated, judged, graded, and reported on by certified officials. Self-evaluation is irrelevant – we learn that we must be told what we are worth.

7. You Can’t Hide: Children are always watched. No privacy. People can’t be trusted.

What are the consequences of these lessons, and the fact that these lessons are still being taught to our children?…

* The private Self is almost non-existent; children develop a superficial personality borrowed from TV shows.

* Desperate dependence

* Unease with intimacy or candor; dislike for parents; no real close friends; lust replaces love.

* Indifference to the adult world; very little curiosity about anything; boredom.

* A poor sense of the future; consciousness limited to the present.

* Cruelty to each other.

* Striking materialism.

* The expectation to fail; the idea that success has to be stolen.

When you work at your job, it may be in an environment where you just have to do what you’re told to “succeed” in your assigned position (i.e., get paid without getting fired). Your job may never involve any critical, independent, or important decisions on your part, and you may never experience the power of positive decision making.

You may operate in a structure or system where your decisions are largely irrelevant and unwanted. So, you never learn how to make those potentially life-changing decisions on your own.

* We are forced to conform so we will fit into the “norm” of society. We become predictable drones.

* We are thwarted in recognizing and using our innate genius and talents; Our spirits are broken.

* Many of us take on a parasitic nature — we become consumers rather than producers.

* We are brainwashed into believing that the authorities in our lives know better than us and we become fearful of making any moves or decisions independently or in opposition to those authorities. Those authorities may be our parents, teachers or society in general.

* We are presented with artificial problems not related to reality, causing a disconnect or alienation from reality. Their lives are stripped of significant experiences and so, when faced with “real life” decisions, we are lost.

* We are conditioned to work for others, and to follow orders. Also, to go to school, and get a good job.

* Our internal motivation is extinguished.

In trying to make money on the Internet, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! It’s up to YOU to make decisions, take actions, and produce results. Although, there may be a support system or structure, there’s no boss around to ensure that YOU do your work. An entrepreneurial environment is very different from having a job.

So, in order to successfully make money on the internet, we need to break ourselves free from these bad habits, negative thinking, and defeatist attitudes with which most of us have been unknowingly taught.

Perhaps THE #1 most powerful way to quickly break away from the “chain-of-fools” mentality, is to start making money on the internet IMMEDIATELY. Now, that’s what we call instant gratification, and YOU can achieve it, if YOU believe it!!

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