Real Forex Basics Video For My Target Audience Only!

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Real Forex Basics Video For My Target Audience Only!
[by Tyler Patterson aka Frosty-T]

These Are The Opening Words Of The First Video
Before I Get Started, I Just Wanted To Touch On Something, Right…
So, I am a business owner. Which means that I run my business however I want, right. I
don’t like to be fake. I don’t like to put on no facade. That’s the best thing about being a
business owner, that you can run your business however you want to, and you also can
be yourself. With that being said, a few cuss words may come out. I may break things
down in laymans terms, because at the end of the day, that’s what people like, right.

This is a very complicated market. I been trading for about one year now. I’m 18
years old, and so I like to break down things as easily as possible. In the easiest
terms that I know how to, to reach people that are like me. My target audience
is to put people on that look like me, and come from places where I come from.

So, imma talk to reach that audience, right. So, if a couple cuss words slip out,
or I may say something, you know, that’s not really what other people who do
these type of videos say it, just cut me some slack. If you don’t feel me, then
you not my audience. You just watching, right. Alright, so let me get into it…

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