Using Forum Commenting

Promoting Your Blog Using Forum Commenting
by Louis Iea

Posting on forums is one of the quickest ways to get backlinks out there. After all, it’s just a matter of making a post in the right place. On the other hand, always make sure that the forum is welcome to posts of this nature. To make sure that the forum is welcoming to posts, check the rules of the forum, and make sure that backlinked content is posted in the right threads of the forum.

Finding a good forum for a niche site is quite a blessing, and it’s a win-win situation for both parties involved. After all, many forums welcome backlinked content, and might even prefer it, because it provides free content. Just make sure that the content is high quality, and that it will  be no less useful than any other kind of content that the forum might receive. The links to sites beyond the article should not interfere with enjoyment of the article. Many new forums are just looking for content. Finding a good backlink builder service will help in finding forums that are open to content from those who wish to create backlinks.

On the other hand, if the forum does not have an openly stated policy on the use of backlinks, make sure that the backlinks are not posted where they will not be indexed by search engines. Some forums will discourage backlinks, and backlinked content, by making sure that the search engines do not index their content. The result is that any work done to build backlinks using forum posts is rendered worthless due to the forum policies.

Inappropriate postings in the wrong threads will also result in penalties against those who decide to build backlinks in this manner. Spamming of forums will only result in bans against forum membership, and perhaps even blockage from viewing the forums. Posts will be deleted, and much time will be wasted with links that will never be seen. Posting high volumes in the wrong threads is disrespectful to other members of the forum who are not there for the backlinks, and the moderators of the forums will act accordingly to make sure that all backlinking behavior is not disrupting forum activities.

An additional benefit of posting on forums is the ready-built audience within the forums. Most forums are not just started to hold backlinking content, after all. They are meant to be places for discussions. To find the right forum on which to post a backlink, make sure that the forum pertains to the product or the service that the backlinked business offers. This will increase the likelihood that other members of the forum will look at the article, and its embedded links, and some of them might even click on the backlinks.

Backlinks might be good for search engine optimization, but they can also be good for drawing in customers, if the content that holds them is well-written. Most SEO content is not meant to generate a lot of traffic, as most people do not look through article directories, but forums might be the exception.

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