Bad Social Media

8 Steps to Conquer Bad Social Media Publicity
by Ian Francis

These days, people—and especially businesses— need to be extremely careful with respect to what they post on social media sites. Social media users are ordinary human beings, and they’re pretty sensitive. It pays off to think twice, and maybe even three times, about what you post on social media platforms.

But alas; nobody is perfect, and many marketing companies make social media flops that are seemingly hard to overcome. However, not all hope is lost, because there are ways to make up for social mistakes (digital and in-person). Here are eight tips to help prevent and remedy any bad social publicity.

Do Not Procrastinate Responding

Never delay a response to negative conversations. It’s important to meet together and come up with an appropriate response as fast as possible to avoid losing valuable followers.

Have a Plan

Marketing companies should have a plan ready in case they have to deal with bad publicity. Even though it’s hard to plan for unexpected issues, they should have a basic outline to follow if those moments ever come.

Hire Someone to Handle Social Media

Since social media is such a large business tool, hiring someone to specifically handle the platforms, monitor interactions and help share information can help ensure businesses have a strong digital presence.

Apologies Mean a Lot

In any case of bad social publicity, the first thing marketing companies should do is own up to their mistakes and say that they are sorry. Consumers tend to be more forgiving when a business genuinely fesses up to its mistakes.

Dedicate a Page

If owning up to the mistake is not good enough and if the issue becomes serious, consider creating a page that is dedicated to answering questions and responding to an online audience.

Take the High Road

Some people on social media love to argue. If there’s no point in responding, or if the conversation is approaching a dead end, the best thing to do is to simply walk away respectfully.

Move Onward and Upward

Once a company apologizes for their mistake(s), it’s best to start fresh and share new content that will help an audience shift their focus away from the mistake and move onto better things.

Learn and Become Better

Finally, there is something to be said about people and businesses that learn from their mistakes. Marketing companies should strive to learn from their previous mistakes and not repeat them in the future to maintain a positive Internet reputation.

Ian Francis writes for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. He writes for many other clients as well.

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