The Real Truth About Fake News Creators And Advocates

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[Hot Topic]: “The Real Truth About Fake News Creators And Advocates”
Fake News Definition: “It is a form of news consisting of deliberate disinformation spread
via real news media or social media. Fake News is written and published with the specific
intent to mislead and damage a person, or business, and/or for financial or political gain.”

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How Fake News Creators Are Targeting The U.S. Protesters

The Truth Behind Fake News, And Politics, On Social Media
How To Spot Fake News: (Types, Evaluate, Organizations)
TikTok SocMed CEO, Kevin Mayer, Wants Fake News Fight
Fake News, Libel Laws, Enemies Of The American People
The EU Wants “Tech Giants” To Counter Virus Fake News
Trump Owes His 2016 Victory To Fake News; Study Says

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