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5 Reasons Why Online Video Marketing Is The New To-Do

by Julien Eweev

In 1941, the world watched the first TV commercial ever. More than 70 years later, with the booming of the internet and the social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Vine, and others, the world witnessed a significant increase in video watching.

Due to this phenomenon, many businesses and web agencies around the world took advantage of this new opportunity by including online videos in their content marketing strategies. They were right to do so, and you should do the same.

Below are 5 reasons why online video marketing is the new to-do for any business willing to succeed online. Continue reading

A Few Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

by Simon Crimmins

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to make money online. Affiliate programs give you the chance to make money without the hassle of setting up your own products. Affiliate programs are very simple to find, and easy to join.

Just like any business, there are pitfalls when it comes to Internet Marketing. For some reason a lot of people jump into affiliate marketing without thinking things through, and end up making a lot of mistakes. In this article I am going to point out a few common mistakes that affiliate marketers most often make. Continue reading

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Credit Card

by Dinesh Jebamani

Credit Cards – they’re convenient and they’re safer than carrying a lot of cash around. Even better, when used the right way, they can save you time and money or get you out of a tight spot in an emergency.

Of course, we’ve all heard the horror stories too – people buying things they don’t need and getting buried in a pile of debt, and fraudsters that cheat you out of all your money – but with a bit of care, you can stay safe and still benefit from credit and deals. Try these easy ways to get the most out of your card. Continue reading

10 Website Security Issues

10 Website Security Issues You Should Be Aware Of
by Joey George

Technology has become more advanced, and with it, hack attacks in the online world are increasing at an alarming rate.

Hackers use known vulnerabilities in third-party software to target your website and web server, and use it to their advantage.

The effect of this could possibly deface your website, steal your confidential client data, or even worse, use your server resources to perform illegal activities.

There are some simple tips below that you can leverage to strengthen your website software, and be able to sleep with peace of mind. Continue reading

Why Your Website Speed Matters

3 Reasons Why Your Website Speed Matters
by Roger Eweev

In general, people don’t like to wait, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Everywhere we are, we witness impatient people cutting the line. It’s in the human’s’ genes to get what we want when we want. And this applies also on our digital life. When looking for a piece of information on the internet, we might check several websites in order to find it as we need a clear answer straight away. Therefore, it is in the businesses benefit to have a website with a fast load time. But don’t worry, it’s up to the web agency who is creating the website to make it fast.

Here are the 3 main reasons why your website should open in less than 2 seconds: Continue reading

I Know What You Want

I’ll Give It To You, I Know What You Want
by Victor Terekhovskyi

“Baby, if you give it to me, I’ll give it to you, I know what you want” as a famous rapper sang a few years ago. But in web development this principle works quite the opposite. The secret to web success is to give something to your users in order to obtain their positive reaction. And the thing you need to ensure your users with is an optimal User Experience (or UX for short). Most people evaluate your website, and measure UX depending on the site loading speed and eye-catching design. Of course, these things are important, and it’s great that they excite people, plus there are so many articles, practical guides, and advice about how to optimize and improve UX.

However, there is one thing that people often overlook or forget to optimize. Continue reading