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30 Great Part-Time Businesses

30 Great Part-Time Businesses
by Scholastica Lau

What is your talent?

“A career is born in public, and talent is born in privacy.” -Marilyn Monroe

You can even turn your hobbies into full-time businesses.

Here you can find some useful hints:

01. AFRICAN VIOLETS: Specialize in the propagation and care of this popular indoor plant. Nurture, hybridize and sell when in full bloom. Carry accessories, such as pots, shelves and lighting. Keep a small but permanent ad in your local newspaper. Continue reading

Improve Your Finances

5 Ways To Improve Your Personal Finances
by Emily Taylor

Managing your personal finances is a vital skill in today’s fast-paced, digital money era. Unless you pay careful attention to where your money is going, you may end up losing it. This article is full of helpful tips to keep you focused on what you’re spending your money on and how to manage that spending.
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