What All Network Marketing Leaders Should Teach Their Downline

by Brian Gray

You are probably reading this post because you are involved in a Network Marketing opportunity, and are either struggling, looking for new ways to market, or are just starting and just don’t know where to begin. All of these indications are perfectly fine. So, don’t for one minute think that you are not capable of success.

Everyone is capable of success, but what most fail to realize is that work is involved. If you saw the compensation plan, and got pumped up when the top earner was running around in the front of the meeting room promising you thousands and thousands of dollars, that’s okay. Chances are, the product or service is great, and the company does very well. So, you joined up, and are then busy chasing family and friends telling them how great your business is, and saying they’re crazy if they don’t join. You also tell them that all you need is 3 to 10 people in your downline organization, and then it’s going to grow perfectly, so you can then reap the same financial success as the top earners. Well, most of you are finding out that this method isn’t really as easy as you thought.

Network Marketing, no matter what company, is always a challenging test for you to pass. There has to be a valid reason why you want to build that business, and experience a transformation. Oh, and that reason has got to be more than just dreaming of dollar signs, and a Bentley. Becoming a leader is certainly a top reason why someone should join their primary company. Think about this. You get the chance to make as much as you want, and own your own business. You have tax write-off capabilities within your network marketing business. There are a number of events that you can attend that the company will host and meet a ton of great people. Last and certainly not least, you have the ability to become a leader of leaders, and positively affect as many lives as you can while building your business.

The First Step In Leading Your Organization

How do we go about doing this? Well every leader who acquires new team members and signs on new distributors needs to have a plan in place that can help that new distributor get their business flowing. There are list building strategies of making a list of as many names as possible, often called the, “warm market.” This is usually the first thing you are told once you get into an opportunity. But, what happens when you run out of names? Who do you talk to or show a presentation to? This is where a marketing strategy is vital.

Leaders need to think outside the box. First and foremost a leader should help instill confidence to the new distributor, so they can fluently talk about the opportunity and present in a manner that attracts the attention of the audience. Leaders can host training calls, live training, hold one-on-one phone calls, and let the new distributor listen, and rehearse, in their mind until they are comfortable. Secondly, a leader needs to have a marketing system in place that will help attract new people each and every day to his or her distributors. These are called leads. Attracting leads can be done by using strategies such as Post-It Notes, local networking events, flyers, job fairs, etc. All these things can be done at little or no cost that can be easily be duplicated throughout your team.

Qualifying Your Leads Is Important

After teaching how to generate leads, and get the phones chirping, the next step a leader should take is teaching the new distributor what to look for. This is called qualifying a lead. Ask questions to the new people you are engaging with, and find out about their situation. This will allow you to classify leads as interested, or just looking. Remember, time is precious, and you want to be talking to quality leads that want to make a change, and are willing to work with you as their leader.

Pass On What You Have Been Taught

Finally, once you have leads coming in, and you are giving presentations, your leader needs to do one more very important thing. That is, in fact, to teach you how to lead, and be able to teach your organization the same things you were taught. Now trust me, not everyone is a teacher, and can just pick up information, and have it stick. There will be trial and error, but effort and consistency is a must. Once you learn to teach, and educate your new distributors just like you were taught, your business is more likely to experience positive growth, and guide you down the path to achieving your ultimate goal.

To Your Success!

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