Two Ways To Trade And Crypto Infographic Info

by Karthik

Trading Through Cryptocurrencies is done in two ways: (1) Fiat (Dollars) to Crypto Trading, and (2) Crypto to Crypto Trading. The new beginner players, who are looking forward to entering the crypto market, need to learn and understand these two forms of trading.

Beginner Fiat-To-Crypto Trading

Before you learn and understand the Fiat to Crypto Trading world, you must also know about a few other necessary portals called Crypto Exchanges. The trading world has several exchanges to choose and use. However, before investing with them, the trader needs to be aware of the differences between exchanges, such as their validity, reputation, exchange rates, and safety.

To start trading with the exchange companies, each trader needs to signup by creating an account. During the signup process, you must agree to the Terms And Conditions of the exchange company. The next signup step is about Security, where it is necessary to undergo the Phone Verification Process.

Then, you need to choose and include your payment method. The final step would be the Identity Verification Process, where you would upload your picture ID (drivers license), etc.

Beginner Crypto-To-Crypto Trading

After the new trader gains enough knowledge about trading and converting with Fiat Currency, he/she will find that exchanging with Crypto To Crypto Trading is easier. Firstly, the new user needs to select an exchange which supports crypto to crypto trading, and then create an account there.

The majority of the exchanges support crypto to crypto trading by using Bitcoins (BTC) only.

Once the user is done with the exchange company registration process, he is then redirected to the main page of the exchange site. After that, the next step in the signup process is the same as the Fiat To Crypto Trading process, explained above.

The most intimidating part of trading is the graphs (with different color zigzag lines) seen in all of the exchange sites. New traders usually don’t bother to read those graphs before they trade. They just straight away buy or sell their crypto after gleaning some advice from peers in various places.

With the massive increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies since their inception, they have turned out to be a popular asset. The main purpose and intention of these kind of trading methods is to allow people to buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrency without the need or interference of any banks, or other financial institutions.

The bottom line is that anyone can learn about Crypto Trading and/or Crypto Exchanging, so it is equally available, and an equal opportunity, for both men and women alike.

Karthik, and our friends at MrBtc.Org developed an interesting infographic named: “33 Cryptocurrencies Which Are Described In Four Words Or Less.” Please checkout this crypto infographic, and let us know your thoughts about it.

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