The George Floyd “I Can’t Breathe” Systemic Awakening


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[Hot Topic]: “The George Floyd “I Can’t Breathe” Systemic Awakening”
Nobody knew, including George Floyd himself, that a black man (or any man)
could literally be transformed from a mere ‘commoner‘, to a worldwide martyr
and catalyst for a new racial equality uprising, within 8 minutes | 46 seconds.
However, the only flaw in that righteous sounding scenario is that George had
to permanently stop breathing to gain his infinite-minutes-of-fame. Therefore,
in essence on May 25, 2020 he said “bye” to us and “hello” to his immortality.

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G. Floyd: 10 Things That Have Changed Since His Death
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Derek M Chauvin Suffocated George Floyd Within 8’46”

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