“Self Made Tastes Better” Hip-Hop Rags-To-Riches Video Interviews

brett berish: self made tastes better

“Self Made Tastes Better” by *Brett Berish: Interviews With Self-Made Millionaires
Hip-Hop & Sports Celebrity Entrepreneurs Who Started Low And Reached The Top

“What does it take to truly make it without sacrificing who you are? *Luc Belaire’s Self Made
Tastes Better video series shares the stories of people who are doing just that. The self-made,
are those who dare to stand out, innovate, push boundaries, and challenge the status quo.”

Whether you know these artists or not, you will still be inspired by their rags-to-riches stories.

*Brett Berish is the Interviewer, and Luc Belaire is the name of a wine company that he owns.

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