7 Ways To Become A Great Leader And Not Just A Manager

by Richard Hanson

Talented people want to make big things happen, and improve themselves.

Talented people don’t want to be seen as just an employee, but as someone to be nurtured, and improved.

Talented people want to work for leaders, not managers. So how can you become a leader?

Try These Next Seven Steps With Your Online Or Offline Team (not necessarily in this order):

Be Selfless

You will gain more if you concentrate on how best to serve the people who work for you. Take out obstacles, provide strategic advice and minimize distractions. Help others find solutions. Thinking outwards, not inwards, will deliver powerful results in the long term.

Be Authentic

It is said that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. The truth is that talented people will often stay with a company despite difficult times if they have a manager that inspires them. A great leader is approachable, thinks about the accomplishment of each employee’s personal mission, and helps them successfully achieve it.

Be Humble

It could be as simple as saying hello to everyone. Talk and listen to people, take the time to train and develop your team. Understand that neglect just reinforces bad habits. Provide feedback proactively – constructive criticism is often welcome, and effective. Treat your position as a manager as a privilege, and you are well on the way to becoming a great leader.

Be An Example

If you are learning, so are those who work for you. So, don’t stop learning! Be curious, and never satisfied. Encourage questions from others, and question yourself. Self-awareness is key. Make sure you are ‘in the trenches’ with your team, and don’t ask others to do things you wouldn’t do yourself. That’s the behavior of a truly great leader.

Be Positive

Positive energy is contagious. The best leaders don’t carry grudges, dwell too long on failure, or rub someone’s nose in it if they are wrong. Focus on what can be learnt from any given situation. This attitude will create an atmosphere of openness, and trust. What a winner!

Be Proud

Whether they say so or not, most people want to see their blood, sweat, and tears generate something significant. Something of value. If you want to be a great leader, you should always give credit where, and when, it’s due. This will embed loyalty and enthusiasm in your team. If a leader can’t be loud and proud, who else is going to be? Share your love for all the good things your workforce, team, department, and colleagues do.

Be Your Best

You don’t need to “demand” excellence. You do, however, need to demand your best performance. Ask “Is this the very best we are able to do?”. Help others create challenging goals, and a strategy to achieve them. Push hard, but recognize limits. As a great leader, you should be nudging the bar higher at every opportunity, but making those moves alongside your team, not racing out ahead, or asking others to lead the charge while you bring up the rear.

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