5Linx Scam?

5Linx Scam? Do You Need THE TRUTH in Regards to the 5Linx Multi-Level Marketing Business Model?
by John Slanney

From 2001 5Linx Enterprises has actually operated as a privately held company, but is a direct marketing Multi-Level Marketing company that provides services and products in the US.

In relation to 5Linx Enterprises the answer to the actual question is certainly NO. Let’s take a look at exactly why I believe that the 5Linx business opportunity isn’t a scam.

Just to be fair before I continue – I should enable you to be aware at this point that I am not a 5Linx distributor. I am not connected with 5Linx in the least. I do not even use their merchandise, and I do not sign up anyone in 5Linx downlines. What is more I don’t know anybody who is really a 5Linx distributor.

Nevertheless, I do possess the experience of setting up and also operating a business that did over $500 million or £300 million of business over a period of Two decades. And additionally I’ve been involved with the Network Marketing profession since 1991. This mixture of expertise enables me to uncover stuff most people can’t see at first glance.

I suppose that the fact that you are looking at this blog post you may be looking at making an investment in the 5Linx business opportunity or perhaps you presently have joined, and you’re having some concerns. In either case it’s a good thing you are doing some research.

The actual Collins English Dictionary states a ‘scam’ as ‘a stratagem for gain; a swindle.’ With this in mind I am going to right now make clear precisely why the 5Linx Enterprises Network marketing business model isn’t a scam.

Those that are acquainted with the Mlm laws in the US, which has been around for over 35 years, will likewise see that 5Linx is not a scam but a great company which works within the law of a work from home Multi level marketing corporations in north America as needed by the Federal trade commission (FTC).

The issue regarding if a multi level marketing organization is a scam or really a genuine business opportunity stems from zero idea of the legal parameters for an Network marketing business in north America. Therefore, people will typically mix up a legally compliant Multi-Level Marketing opportunity with a Pyramid Scam. The people who don’t know the MLM laws and regulations have never spent any time to check the history of lawsuits that occurred in the end of the Nineteen seventies in north America. Utilizing this understanding when you go through the different aspects of the 5Linx Enterprises business model you will know they’re supplying a legitimate home business opportunity plus they’re supplying proper value for the marketplace.

For a start, they’ve an outstanding collection of home and business telecommunications services and products. Amid all these are cellphones with plans for main US carrier’s networks; satellite TV service from DIRECTV and DISH Network; as well as broadband Internet and home security services. Another subsidiary of 5LINX, GLOBALINX provides products that also consist of Wi-Fi phones and digital phone services; together with VoIP services for domestic and business customers. The beauty of offering many of these solutions is the fact people are frequently presently financing them already and that means you don’t have to hard sell the actual products and services to a person that did not realize they really needed the service. The only question is are you going to be able to give additional value and/or a cheaper price to get the deal?

As well as the previously brought up services and products 5Linx also promotes a selection of wellness products that consists of health and nutrition solutions and products.

5Linx Enterprises develop a yearly turnover of over $110 million plus they are members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Second, to get going you’ll be able to be a 5LINX agent at a couple of levels having 2 associated levels of cost; to begin with being a Customer Representative needs a low starting financial commitment of only $99; and to start out being an Independent Marketing Representative necessitates a start up outlay of only $249. There also are some monthly charges up to $49.95 as well as a twelve-monthly renewal fee of $99.00 that is paid to 5LINX Enterprises.

Like many MLM pay plans gives 5LINX a few ways to make commissions. When it comes to 5Linx there are a total of 8 ways to get compensated including commissions via the sales made of the actual products and services that provide monthly re-occurring income when the men and women you sign up and begin to pay their monthly payments for their bills – you’ll get a percentage. And there are other incentives as well as bonuses like profit sharing, vacations, signup bonuses for joining new distributors and also new customers, and even luxury cars bonuses.

Third, as I viewed just what real distributors who have been with the company for a long period were actually saying they were happy about the company as well as compensation plan.

My conclusion is 5Linx isn’t a scam but actually an authentic home-based business opportunity that includes low start-up fees. I report this in light of the definition of a scam that I previously mentioned, MLM legal requirements, company laws, consumer laws, along with the reality that this company is trading real services and products and also offering an authentic business opportunity that you can earn money from. All being taken into consideration it is best not to talk about this home business opportunity as the ‘5Linx Scam’.

If you’re going to get involved in the 5Linx business, it would be a lot better for yourself if, instead of wasting your valuable time questioning if the business model may be a scam, you invested your energy learning the imperative skills that you will have to have that will allow you to take your 5Linx business towards the highest level. This will then enables you to join up your first distributor sooner and further distributors soon after.

The greatest issue for 5Linx distributors is getting qualified leads – this can be changed.


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