12 Things You Must Determine When Starting A Home Based Business

by Theuns Victor

Getting Out Of The “Rat-Race”

Are you tired of commuting to a job you hate? Then it is time to consider a change, and making the decision is easy once you know; “What, Where, When, and How?”

The exhilaration of firing one’s boss, and having the freedom to get out of bed to manage your own empire, is appealing to more and more people each and every day.

Simply not having to start the day commuting, or having to sit in clogged up traffic for 2 to 4 hours a day, already makes the thought of working for oneself a lot more desirable.

Getting out of the corporate world, and the lifestyle associated with it, is another consideration. Most people today get up in the morning imposing personal pressure on themselves just to go and do a job which nobody else would do.

They themselves hate it with a passion, but the truth of the matter is that the majority of people fall into this flow of life, because that is what society requires. That is also what their ancestors did, which is to work the daily grind for 35 to 40 years just to be forgotten when they hit retirement.

Get Started With Planning

The thought of working for oneself is a marvelous idea, and you have decided this is what you want to do with the rest of your life, but the ugly truth is that you don’t know how to begin.

Not having an idea of what you want to do with this Home Based Business idea of yours, and simply jumping into it blindly, is something which can very quickly turn into a nightmare.

Myself, I have been dreaming of having an online marketing business for almost 20 years. When the day came that I had the opportunity to start my own “Home Based Online Marketing Business”, I very soon realized that the whole process of getting started was much more complicated than I initially thought.

My dream of easily jumping on the proverbial online bandwagon, was not going to make me a successful businessman, and I woke up to the fact that there is a whole lot involved with planning, and initiating, an online business.

Starting a business from scratch already is a huge challenge, but starting such a business online brings out even more challenges. The volume of knowledge required to build, and create, a successful online business is enormous in comparison to your misconceived notions about it.

When you are anticipating the start of your future successful Home Based Business, include all of the following in your “To Do” List.

“The more time you spend contemplating about what you should have done, you lose valuable time planning what you can do now”. -Lil Wayne

12 Things You Must Determine When Starting A Home Based Business

1. Determine What It Is You Wish To Accomplish. In other words establish a “WHY”?. Many fail in their attempts to start and grow a successful Home Based Business, because they simply never set goals, to decid where it is they want to go with the business. “Why are you doing what you have set out to do”?

2. Determine The Type Of Business You Want To Create. It is of utmost importance that you decide whether your business is going to be an Online Business, an Offline Business, or a combination of the two.

3. Be Determined To Get Organized. Many operations, and projects, have failed in the past simply because there is no drive to get organized. Every home has some free space available. Organize a place where you can establish an “office”, maybe a small corner in the dining room, a place in the garage, or any place where you can put a small desk and chair.

Do not procrastinate on this; the easiest way to start is to get started! You and your family should realize that “work is work” and “home is home”.

4. Determine A Routine. Even though you are working for yourself from home, there are certain things that have to be done daily. Determining when you are going to do them is an essential element for success. Although, you determine your own work hours, the work that needs to be done will determine the number of hours, and “When” these hours per day are allocated.

5. Determine Your Niche. Trust me, falling blindly into a pool of dark water could be very hazardous to the overall health of your business. Establishing who you want to address with the product or service you want to sell or promote is paramount to success.

6. Determine The Model Of Your Home Based Business. Some people have great success in recruiting people; others have success in working one on one. What you have to establish is whether your business is going to be a one person operation, or whether you want to get involved in a Multi Level Marketing type system.

Each has its benefits, however they also have certain limitations. Doing some research before making a final decision on what model you are going to follow could save a lot of time, frustration, and disappointment.

7. Determine The Solution To Any Problem. Now is a good time to determine which product or service you are going to provide to your future customers. Remember your overall priority should be to help people who are experiencing a specific problem.

Maybe you have your own product, or you are excellent in consulting people with a specific need, and helping them to satisfy that need, or solve their problem. If you do not have a product or service, you could make use of Affiliate Marketing to provide the solution to their problem.

8. Be Determined To Acquire The Tools To Develop And Manage Your Business. If you have a computer and a mobile phone, and you have established your home “office”, you are already halfway through this process. However, if a large portion of your business is going to come via the internet, you will need other tools to consider and obtain.

Here we think of things like registering a domain, creating a website, tracking in order to determine where your potential customers came from, autoresponders, and various other requirements.

Before going head first into signing up to site after site, first do some research and find the best hosting, tracking, and advertising sites you can. They will be with you for a long time, so make sure you get this one right.

9. Determine That You Will Register With Payment Processors And Affiliate Networks. This is a very important step. Before you go into just signing up to any or all payment processors, and affiliate networks think back to exactly what it is you want to accomplish. Many people get themselves so cluttered with sites which actually have no purpose for there “WHY”, that they get lost in all the bookmarked sites in their web browser.

When registering, also take time to read through the terms and conditions, and make sure that you have a fair idea of what the rules of these sites are, and what influence they could, or could not, have to the success of your business.

10. Determine “HOW” You Are Going To Promote Your Business. Every business needs advertising, whether online or offline. There are many ways of advertising and promoting your business, however some ways of advertising work better for certain types of businesses, than others. Before getting into advertising and promoting, it is essential that you do some research in this field as well.

Before spending $100’s, and even $1,000’s, on advertising which doesn’t work, take the time to find the advertising tools which would work for your specific Niche. Trying to promote baseballs to football players would not do you any good, now would it?

11. Be Determined To Get Rid Of The Junk. In your progress toward building up this business of yours, if there is one thing you should absolutely not overlook, it is the following…

• Offline, you will find many who will try to talk you into posting an advertisement in their monthly bulletin. Be on the lookout. This could cost you plenty over time without bringing in a return on your investment, simply because your ad is not relevant to other ads in the bulletin, and the audience it is set to address. Avoid this kind of unnecessary cost.

• Online, you will come across a multitude of offers promising overnight success, and instant riches for a mere $7. These cheap products are the beginning of a process to suck you into a process in which you will eventually max out your credit card, get you into debt, and month after month you will sit in agony not knowing where tomorrows food is going to come from.

Take extra caution before investing in anything that looks even a little better than good, there are tons of places where you could find a similar product for free, which will keep down the initial costs in establishing your business.

• If the biggest portion of your business is going to be online, do not get discouraged by the so-called experts out there telling you that you won’t make it, and you do not have the right mindset. Many of the so-called “gurus”, and these “Super Marketers”, use this as a tactic to suck you into their world. Toss it out, and maintain your focus.

• Finally, lay the foundation, and then build your house. You will come across “geniuses” who will put up the roof before they have built the walls, and then hope to lay the foundation afterwards. You can’t build a house without a foundation. Instead, spend more time getting yourself organized, doing proper research, and getting all the tools in place to make a success of your business.

The proper preparation and planning of your business is half of the struggle already won. Having to come back and start over is frustrating, and can cost you valuable time, and a lot of unnecessary money.

12. Determine That You Will Learn Legalities And Other Rules. To save yourself hours of frustration, and to be sure to understand what the Do’s and Don’ts are, take time to read through some of the Terms and Conditions, and Rules and Regulations, as you signup to different sites. Also, it is a good idea to address things like Tax Requirements, Affiliate Agreements, and other things like that.

Trust me, sometimes you might find yourself wanting to proceed faster, but the lack or shortage of the right information, can ruin or cause great harm to your business. The satisfaction of owning a successful business that you have build from the ground up, is something every businessman or woman would cherish. However, the hurdles, barricades, and pitfalls in achieving that, can bring you to a halt before you make that breakthrough to success.

In your attempt to overcome these hurdles take note of what others have already experienced, and learn from that, instead of having to go back to boot camp over and over again. After being in the military, and part of the corporate world for 37 years, I have been pushed into early retirement, and I decided that this was the time to chase my dream.

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