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SMART MISTAKES: The 33 Rules For Success
Greatest Motivational Speech For Entrepreneurs
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To Risk Or Not To Risk

To Risk Or Not To Risk? … That Is The Question!!
by Bill Treasurer

To live is to risk… Risk-Taking is as essential to life as breathing. It is the oxygen of such things as innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, wealth creation, and high adventure. Without risk, there can be no scientific progress, economic expansion, or community activism. At a more personal level, remove risk and there is no personal growth, career advancement, or spiritual development (faith, after all, is a big risk). Personally and collectively, all progress, advancement, and momentum depend on risk. Like air, it is both nourishing and life sustaining. And, like change, risk is constant, inescapable, and inevitable.

To risk is to live… As a vehicle to personal progress, taking risks is the surest way to get from where you are to where you want to be. The most fulfilling times in your life (the times you felt the most alive) have undoubtedly been when you surprised yourself by doing something you never imagined you could, something hard, something scary. Continue reading