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The videos listed on this page are meant to educate and motivate you to get going, or to keep going, with your dreams & desires about working at home online, or self-employed offline. All VOTD videos posted on this blog will be listed here on this page. Each video is numbered to make it easier for you to locate it, or to relocate it below. Also, the video marketing news and info will automatically update in the right column…

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(145) Scams And Money-Making Schemes That Really Work

(144) Forex Trader Rap And Background Music Video Playlist

(143) The Learn How To Read Candlestick Charts Beginner Playlist

(142) Bitcoin And Crypto Documentary Movie And Video Playlist

(141) Black Money And Black Business Success Does Matter

(140) The Ultimate Guide For Getting Rich And Staying Rich

(139) Find And Make Money: Hunt Banknotes And Coin Rolls

(138) Special Info About Jeff Bezos And The Amazon Culture

(137) Easy Coronavirus DIY Face Masks And Mask Movies

(136) Current Coronavirus News From The Chinese Media

(135) Doctor Li Wenliang Coronavirus Whistleblower, Hero, And Martyr

(134) The Coronavirus Conspiracy, Myth, And Controversy Debunked

(133) The Coronavirus Timeline, Wildlife, And What Went Wrong

(132) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Facts, Lies, And Fact Checks

(131) Late-Breaking Coronavirus (COVID-19) World News Video

(130) How To Make Guiltless Money During The Coronavirus Outbreak

(129) How To Make Homelessness Or Recycling Cans Your Career

(128) Inspirational RV-Nomad And VanLife Movie Documentaries

(127) How To Save Money, Earn, And Live In A Tesla

(126) When To Buy And Sell Your Crypto Or Bitcoin

(125) Crypto Trading vs Forex Trading Explainer Videos

(124) Video: Dumb And/Or Stupid Crypto Questions Answered

(123) Video: How To Avoid And/Or Track Crypto Tax

(122) The Kobe Bryant Top 50 Rules For Success Playlist

(121) Video: Make Money With Laundromats And Trailer Parks

(120) Real Life Hustle And Scam For Money Playlist

(119) Learn Economics On Video Within 1 to 15 Minutes

(118) Dirty Jobs TV On Discovery With Mike Rowe

(117) Reddit Job Worker Employment Story Video

(116) Bitcoin And Crypto Duels And Debates Video Playlist

(115) Richard Heart HEX Coin Interview And Scam Playlist

(114) Video: Never Pay Off Your Debt Collection Accounts

(113) Retail vs Online Arbitrage: Mistakes And Scams Video

(112) Crypto Arbitrage: Video Information And Explanation

(111) Chris Record: Entrepreneur And Crypto Rap Songs Playlist

(110) Team Fearless Entrepreneur Motivation Video Compilation

(109) Video Testimony Against Financial Independence Retire Early

(108) Video Testimony For Financial Independence Retire Early

(107) Democrats vs Republicans And Liberals vs Conservatives

(106) Duomo Trader Motivation, Psychology, Mindset Playlist

(105) Real-Vision Financial News And Interviews Playlist

(104) CoinGeek BSV Interviews And Conversations Playlist

(103) Taking Trades Natural Gas Commodity Trading News

(102) The Stock-Market-Investing Almost Daily News Video

(101) The Kevin Cage Almost Daily Ripple/XRP Latest News