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November 23, 2019

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“If You Don’t Find A Way,
To Make Money While You Sleep,
You Will Work Until You Die.”
-Warren Buffett

Thoughtful Or Funny Variations
“Work Until You No Longer
Have To Introduce Yourself.”

-Harvey Specter

The History Or Definition Of Today’s Quote Or Phrase
The ironic thing is, Warren Buffett makes billions of dollars while he sleeps, and he will most
likely work up until he dies. That is how much Warren (the frugal billionaire) loves his work.
The lesson from this powerful quote is that you should be striving to build several passive
income streams that make money for you daily, whether you are working that day, or not.

make money while you sleepWarren Buffett net worth/age (Nov/2019): $85.8 Billion/89 yrs old

PS: You must first wake-up to the fact, that you must make money while you sleep!
Then, soul-search and research, to know which passive incomes to pursue for you.

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