Want Money Or Crypto? Nope. “I Want To Vote For Joe Biden!”

I want to vote for Joe Biden

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Want Money Or Crypto? Nope. “I Want To Vote For Joe Biden!”
[Teenage boy stutterer wants to praise and vote for Joe Biden]

Brayden Harrington, 13, doesn’t care anything about Money, Crypto, Stocks, Forex, Commodities.
Nope, definitely not! However, this young and very determined stuttering boy does care about the
2020 presidential election, and how he met and bonded with Joe Biden, also a lifelong stutterer…

Joe took the time out to help Brayden with his stuttering, and Joe told Brayden that they are both
members of the same “club”. Although Brayden still stutters, due to the fact that correcting it is a
gradual process of improvement, he still gained a lot of self-confidence in a short period of time.

Therefore, Brayden was able to successfully speak, from his bedroom, for 2 minutes at the 2020
Democratic National Convention
(DNC), thanks to his fellow “club” member, Joe… Also, Brayden
praised Joe with his very first sentence: “Without Joe Biden, I wouldn’t be talking to you today…”

PS Brayden is obviously too young to vote, but is there any doubt about who
he would vote for, if only he could? In addition, we all know that Joe Biden is
the-one-and-only, but the question is this: Is He Your Only? Signup And Vote!

Note We here at Know How To Earn are not members or associates of any
peaceful or radical political group. We do our best to report real news and/
or unbiased opinion to our daily audience for informational purposes only.
So, please do not mistake this post as any type of endorsement for Biden,
because it is not… We will post anything with appropriate news or insight.

Stay Tuned: This Post Will Be Updated Whenever Possible Or Necessary

A Teen With A Stutter Shares His Story About Joe Biden At The DNC
[Reuters] | Introduction by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (actress) | Aug 20, 2020

BONUS FOLLOWUP VIDEO From: [NBC Nightly News] With Lester Holt | Aug 21, 2020
Brayden Harrington With His Dad, Owen, Speaks Out After His Inspiring DNC Message

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[updated Sep 15, 2020]

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