Want Money Or Crypto? Nope. “I Want To Vote For Donald Trump!”

no money or crypto for trump

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Want Money Or Crypto? Nope. “I Want To Vote For Donald Trump!”
[A young girl is denied her strong desire to vote for Donald Trump.]

She doesn’t care anything about Money, Crypto, Stocks, Forex or Commodities. Nope,
absolutely not! However, this cute and passionate little girl does care about the 2020
presidential election
! She has somehow formed her own opinion by hearing current
real news and/or fake news about Donald Trump from television, radio, internet, or
her parents? For 39 seconds she cries about not being able to vote in the election.

She is too young to vote, and she is unaware of that, but her commitment to her
belief is memorable and commendable. Thus, whether or not this girl has been
manipulated or brainwashed into believing that Donald Trump is worthy of her
emotionally crying outburst; is for her to decide when she is old enough to be
more aware and objective. In the meantime, we all know that Donald Trump
is one-of-a-kind, but the question is this: Is He Your Kind? Signup And Vote!

PS In the video dialogue; it does not sound like this little girls’ parents like
Donald Trump, so I just wonder exactly how this girl came to like Trump?
Also, on the one hand, if you have a sense of humor, this is kind of funny.
On the other hand, you may be critical of her parents for filming this, etc.

Note We here at Know How To Earn are not members or associates of any
radical or peaceful political group. We do our best to report real news and/
or unbiased opinion to our daily audience for informational purposes only.
So please do not mistake this post as any type of endorsement for Trump,
because it is not… We will post anything with appropriate news or insight.

Stay Tuned: This Post Will Be Updated Whenever Possible Or Necessary

Little Girl Cries, Screams, And Pushes Her Dog in
2016, Because She Can’t Vote For Donald Trump

BONUS VIDEO… ‘The Little Boy Voted For Trump And Now Mama Ain’t Happy’ [INSIDE EDITION] Nov 13, 2016
Mom Is Investigated For ‘Kicking Out’ Son Who Voted For Trump In A Mock School Election
Mom To Son: “Bye!” | “We Don’t Do Donald Trump Here!” | “Get Your Suitcase!” | “You Can’t Come Back Here!”
PS Mom says that this was just a joke. The Sign explained why he got kicked out. No charges were ever filed.

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[updated Jan 21, 2021]

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