The INX Token Benefits And Phenomenon Explained

The INX Token IPO

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[Hot Topic]: “The INX Token Benefits And Phenomenon Explained”
INX is the first ever fully registered SEC security token IPO prospectus. The INX Token is an
ERC20 blockchain asset that’s programmed using a smart contract that is compatible with
the Ethereum blockchain. INX will allow the listing and trading of regulated security tokens
and cryptocurrency for retail and institutional investors. KYC investors in the tokens are all
entitled to get pro-rata distributions of 40% of the company cumulative adjusted operating
cash flow
. Also, investors can purchase and get their tokens from the issuer the same day.
INX Limited Co is a Gibraltar-based (British) private company which was founded in 2017.
Shy Datika is INX President leading a team of technology, business, and finance veterans.
[PS: Cryptocurrencies are volatile. They can rise or fall at anytime, so act accordingly.] 

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The INX Limited ‘What Are Security Tokens?’ Video Playlist

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