She Works Hard For The Money; So Hard For It Honey

Donna Summer and Onetta Johnson album back

Onetta Johnson (left) || Donna Summer (right)

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She Works Hard For The Money; So Hard For It Honey

Background Story: This classic disco song was released in 1983… It tells the story of a hard working
blue-collar woman. It is based on an actual encounter that Donna Summer had with a tired restroom
by the name of Onetta Johnson (at Chasen’s restaurant in Los Angeles). Onetta is actually
mentioned in the song, and she is also featured on back cover of the album [above]. PS This song is
NOT about prostitution [as rumors once claimed]. However, ‘Bad Girls‘ IS about work as a prostitute.

Donna Summer: “She Works Hard For The Money (Live In Concert)”

Donna Summer: “She Works Hard For The Money (LP Version) With Lyrics”

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