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A MAJOR MPA UPDATE (August 31, 2016)
3 Different Memberships At MPA (My Paying Ads)

Dear MPA Members,

How are you all doing? Hope you are all doing great and have a very productive week.

Things are progressing well at MPA. We have been extremely happy in the last 4 weeks because we were able to add the seed money balances for members who made purchases with Paypal earlier and all Paypal users have come back and started using our services. This is something for which we have been patiently waiting since Dec 2015.

Currently, the sales are going steadily and you are all doing commendable job in promoting MPA. Keep doing the same. Everyone’s routine at MPA shall be very simple, buying services as per your budget and traffic needs, promoting your programs, being active (through your daily surfing and viewing others advertisements) and promoting MPA to other potential customers. And, you will enjoy the activity rewards that we share with all your active adpack positions. Please pay full attention to all these activities and spend the necessary time to fulfil them on daily basis so that the company will flourish and eventually you will get benefited for a long term. We can only achieve this through TEAM work and not alone.

Here comes an important update. We are at a paradigm shift at this junction of the business. We have carefully observed and analysed the recent events happened with one of the premier revenue sharing programs and trying to adopt some changes in MPA so that we can improve wherever possible and be more legally compliant and safe. We will be adopting those changes one after the other gradually in the due course of time.

One of the focus in the coming months and thereafter will be the efforts in generating more revenue from the sales of other services (excluding the adpack sales). We have been doing the same in the past but as per our experience the initial focus of any revenue sharing program is to prepare the member base and steadiness in terms of the revenue sharing which eventually can lead the program to generate the revenue from other services. We are happy to share that we have reached that stage now and hence the majority of our focus will be put on the generation of the revenue from other services in the coming times. We will reveal all our ideas and strategies as soon as we are ready.

As a beginning in this journey, we are bringing Membership Fees at MPA effective from tomorrow i.e. 1st September 2016. We have formulated our memberships so carefully such that you will not experience any inconvenience. All revenue generated from membership sales will be used for site maintenance and sharing with the active adpacks.

Below given are the different Memberships:

  1. Beginner (Free Membership)
  1. Explorer ($10 per month)
  1. Professional ($30 per month) and
  1. Elite ($60 per month)

The important Points to note regarding the memberships:

  1. a) These are monthly memberships and need to be manually renewed every month.
  1. b) No referral commissions are offered on Membership purchases of downline members.
  1. c) The membership fees have to be paid with only the payment processor and not with account balances.
  1. d) For making purchases from Ad-pack plan 1, you do not need any membership. Free members can buy adpacks of up to 100 from ad-pack plan 1 without the need of any membership.
  1. e) Explorer members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1 and plan 2, respectively.
  1. f) Professional members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1, plan2 and plan 3, respectively.
  1. g) Elite members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1, plan2, plan 3 and plan 4, respectively. Therefore, you need to choose the membership type depending on the kind of adpacks that you like to make purchases of.
  1. h) The withdrawal limits are same for all 4 types of members (the minimum withdrawal is $5 and the maximum withdrawal per day is $200).
  1. i) All your current and earlier adpacks continue to receive the earnings irrespective of your membership type. For example, if you have adpacks from plan 4 earlier and if you want to stay as Free member from now on you will still receive the earnings from your ad-pack plan 4, but just that you will not be able to make any new purchases from ad-pack plan 4.

These memberships will be effective from tomorrow i.e. 1st of September 2016. We will announce the exact time of enabling of these memberships tomorrow. Please lookout for our announcement just before we enable the membership feature.

We sincerely believe that the memberships that we are offering are very fair in view of the below observations:

  1. A) No one is forced to buy these memberships. They are voluntary depending on the type of the service you are looking for. As a free member, you can make adpack purchases from plan 1 and will be able to withdraw your earnings without any restrictions.
  1. B) The membership costs are very affordable and cost-effective.
  1. C) You will receive the earnings from all your existing ad-packs irrespective of your membership type.

We have been generating adpack sales very easily because of the cash back feature in terms of revenue sharing (activity rewards) and this is the time that we need to push ourselves to generate the revenue from other services. We have been working on many ideas and we will bring them one after the other in the due course of time.

Hope you will understand the need of the implementation of membership types and be cooperative. Have a great day ahead and we will be in touch with you soon.



MPA Admin Team

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