My 24 Hour Income 121316

My-24-Hour-Income Hangout For December 13, 2016
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Note: There Are Problems With The Sound Quality For The First Five Minutes Of This Hangout.

The Keypoints To Understand And Remember About This Hangout
(1) A New Script will be installed, and the current site will be taken down today (12/13/2016).
(2) ETA of the relaunch is 2 or 3 weeks.
(3) All pending withdrawals will be returned to your cash balance, which can be used to buy adpacks, or other advertising services.
(4) There Will Be Two Wallets:
Wallet 1 – Fresh deposits – buy adpacks – withdraw – same as now
Wallet 2 – Old adpack earnings will accumulate here, and All Pending Withdrawals will be in Wallet 2. This wallet will be activated in March, 2017.
(5) Wallet 2 – will be activated in March when Payza unfreezes the frozen funds.
(6) A unique forced repurchasing rule will be implemented, where a certain % of your withdrawals must be put back in the program, in order to request your next withdrawal.
(7) An external source of income, the automated marketing system, is almost ready and will be launched soon.

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