Make Money With The George Floyd Crypto Token Scheme

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[Hot Topic]: “Make Money With The George Floyd Crypto Token Scheme”
Here we go again! No matter how tragic the circumstances are; there will always be
someone or some company planning to take selfish opportunistic advantage of the
situation. According to *CoinTelegraph; there is a George Floyd Token being pushed
in an obvious attempt at a money grab. This is eerily ironic; due to the fact that this
senseless event began with George Floyd being accused of using a counterfeit bill.

Read ===> Research ===> Respond ===> Repeat
*As Protests Rage, Someone In Crypto Wants To Make Money On George Floyd
All From A Counterfeit Bill: What We Know About Fake Currency & George Floyd Solicits Donations Under A George Floyd Petition, But Keeps Money
A Crypto Token Named After George Floyd Enters Market As Protests Aggravate

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