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Hello Team #TADSOL

Happy Weekend. I hope You are doing good today? It’s another weekend, and I would challenge my members to take some time out from their computers and enjoy family time, it’s good and it strengthens family. Spend time with your spouse, spend time with your kids, and spend time with friends.

Well, today there is something I would like to speak on before I proceed with our TADSOL business in my next news update, and this is the “Revenue Sharing Business” in general.

I’ve come to understand that most people follow top marketers & leaders blindly and this is not good. Don’t follow anyone blindly. You have eyes and can see, you have a brain and can think. Why let someone else do the thinking for you?

ALL revshare businesses will close up at some point, some will go down faster than others depending on several reasons, from marketing to support from members, to admin responsiveness and intentions, and more… But no matter the level of external support, an admin that has designed a SCAM, will SCAM.

It is not a straight line on a graph. Sometimes the administrators with the right intentions do not get good support from marketers. Some marketers ask admins to pay up to $3000 for promotions, most ask for cash bonus in programs. I understand they put in time and money into making themselves become the top guy or lady in the industry, but when you get everything for free, it means you are also a scammer, because your followers will be the one to eventually pay for your greed.

Members also play a big part of the reason why programs can become SCAM, or close. Most of you want a high return program, You want quick money, and the only way to have a program be attractive for you is to design a high return business. The admin knows from the onset that it will not last, but it’s what you want. They give you what you want, and when the going gets tough they run away with your money.

Also, because of the admins who are scamming, members get too over-protective, and call every single program a scam, even before the launch. Let me disclose to you that anytime you put your money in any program, you automatically become a share-holder, and you should fight to protect that program.

If the program is paying, and the Admin is responsive, then why fight such an Admin? What is the basis for calling out an Admin who spends close to 15-hours staying online, and helping you make money? Don’t be ridiculous, if you want to play the game then get in, if not, then don’t join. It’s that simple.

Secondly, on members participation level, some of you join and sit back. You don’t promote, you don’t encourage the admin, you don’t participate in anything that is happening. When you become extremely passive, you should know that losing may be the final outcome. These days some admins will pay some members to post their payment proofs.

Yes, you all want to get paid $$$ to show other people that an Admin is paying, that is not right. If a program pays you, at least encourage that Admin to keep on by giving your support. The reason why posting proof is good for you, is because others can see that the program pays,. When they see that they will join, and when they join, it helps the business to continue. New members joining and buying adpacks, is the biggest part of the sustainability of this business.

Another reason is the intention of the Admin, some people just design their program to fail. I can’t understand that aspect, but all I can say on this is to follow your heart. If your mind tells you go in, then give it a chance, but use your head. Think before you make every spend. Do not say you will join, and spend big because an Admin says he will pay, or because he/she makes a video, or because someone tells you to. A video is not a guarantee, because I don’t know how you can use a video to find an Admin that has scammed you. It’s your hard earned money, so spend it on something you’re ready to go on with, to protect, and to promote.

Lastly, not all programs are scam, even if they close it doesn’t mean they are a scam. Some admins fight so hard, keep up fake statistic, even spend from their pocket to promote and pay members, but still the program can close, or not be able to pay you the high return promised on day 1. That is not a scam, they just couldn’t sustain it, and it happens in every business.

I will stop here today on this topic. Maybe sometimes in this new week, I will make a detailed explanation on how to choose the right program, and why programs do not last. I hope people understand the point of this info. I’m not bashing any admin or program, or trying to make myself a saint.

I’m just a regular admin giving you honest info to help you to:
• Choose a good, responsive, and reliable admin.
• Choose programs on the basis of info and instinct, and do not follow marketers blindly.
• Understand how a revshare business is managed, and when to say a program is a scam.

I hope that all the info above helps you.

Stay tuned for the next info, with an opportunity to earn included, so please don’t miss it.

To Your #TADSOL Success,
Isner Nazir ( Progam Admin )

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