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As we get ready to enter the weekend I wanted to let you know that very exciting times are upon us here as I prepare to finally release your task earnings for EVERYONE AND fill up the task marketplace for EVERYONE to win!

I also want to let you know that as of this moment, I am in some very serious talks with many large marketing companies who are looking at utilizing our community in their businesses for their clients in a huge way! Not only that, but the survey deal I’ve been telling you about is done and closed and you will start to see hundreds of available surveys to complete every single day starting mid to late next week!

It’s all coming together and things are about to get REALLY FUN and PROFITABLE for those who take my encouragement and invitation seriously to continue to be patient with the process and trust that everything is being handled to ensure you a great experience with your new Get Paid Social business.

You will start to see, how growing your team and this community and how just having a few people directly referred by you can add up to some SERIOUS income for you!

If you haven’t yet started to share the word about this exciting opportunity and you’ve just been sitting back waiting to see how it’s all going to play out…it’s time now to get off of the side lines and onto the playing field!

I also want to remind you all that as of Monday February 1…the opportunity to secure both a life time premium membership AND the new VIP Marketing Partnership at a HUGE discount goes away for good! In fact, after Monday…I will not be offering a life time membership at all EVER AGAIN!

With HUNDREDS of tasks about to be available to the entire community, I can’t encourage you enough to secure your premium membership and ensure that you are able to complete and earn on as MANY tasks as possible! You can do so here ->

In closing, I want to ensure you that we are continuing to clean up and fix the remaining bugs in the technology and platform and really appreciate your patience and help during this beta phase.

Here’s to a very exciting week, months and many years to come!

In Gratitude,

Jeff Long
Get Paid Social, LLC

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