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Last Chance To Get Ready For What’s
To Come & An Exciting Announcement


I hope you are having an awesome weekend!

We are now OFFICIALLY OVER 100,000 ACTIVE members strong!

Too cool!

I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow, the life time + VIP Marketing partnership offer, detailed here is going away forever!

Also, tomorrow we will be releasing your TASK EARNINGS and I have very very good news for EVERYONE regarding this…

I have decided after listening to everyone’s feedback, NOT to do the gift cards and instead allow EVERYONE the opportunity to get paid with PAYPAL! (Not just premium members!) The only difference for FREE member is there will be a 10% processing fee on all PayPal payments…whereas for PREMIUM members it’s only 5%. I feel this is more appealing to everyone as most people like to get paid in CASH rather than gift cards and it’s just a much simpler process.

To get a quick reminder again what the premium membership gives you and to check out my latest huge update please go to:

ALSO I will be allowing all non life time premium members, the ability to UPGRADE TO LIFE TIME using your earnings THIS WEEK ONLY (Ends Friday February 5th @ 11:59 PM (Eastern Time)! This has also been a popular request, so I’m happy to make this option available to everyone. You will see how and where to do this in your e-wallet.

You will also be able to use your earnings to purchase a spot in our traffic rotator which you can also learn about here. With this option, you will also be able to continually apply your task earnings, bonus commissions and upgrade commissions toward upgrading to a VIP Marketing Partner and or a spot in the traffic rotator!

Over the next 1-2 weeks you will start to see a HUGE increase in the number of tasks available for you to earn on! I and my team are putting a ton of effort, focus, resources and time into FILLING UP the task marketplace for you so thanks for your patience and get ready to have it rewarded!

I’ll be sending another update tomorrow once your earnings have been unlocked and available for withdraw. I sure appreciate all of you!

To those of you who wish to no longer be part of this opportunity…please just do everyone a favor and just hit the unsubscribe link in this email and we will be sure to cancel your account and not contact you anymore about this. I can’t understand why anyone, at this stage would jump out and say no to free money but you’re welcome to do so to make room for those who “Get it”.

Here’s to an exciting coming weeks, months and years ahead!

Jeff Long & Team

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