Five Trends Fizzing

Five Trends That Are Fizzing Out
by Rohit Prasad

As one of the experts in the domain of digital media services, SRV media has acquired its experience the hard way. Having started from the scratch, SRV proved its mettle by serving clients across categories emerging as one of the most sought after SEO company in India. So, SRV has served clients across domains and therefore had a first- hand training in the domain of providing digital media marketing services. What’s more is that SRV is a company that always voices its opinion against copying from the West. The focus here is on understanding trends, interpreting them and finally using them in a manner that best suits the local flavour.

We all know the gamut of social media that consists of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and a whole lot more. After all, we are a part of this circle as the user towards whom all the end communication is targeted. While we all know at what’s in, this time let’s take a look at what’s out. Trends that tried to make their way, but simply fizzled out leaving the marketing media domain in a drastic way:

Print: Newspapers are considered to be the apple of the eye when it comes to Indian markets. Before the arrival of the digital media marketing services, newspapers were the undisputed kings of the industry making it difficult for anyone to challenge their leadership. However, today marketers have grown beyond newspaper. If you are wondering why, this happens, the answer is simple. When the user grew beyond the newspaper, the marketers also decided to make the transition.

Television: Previously, the only option that people had was to shift to television ads. If you didn’t have the budget, you didn’t have the option. Now, the digital marketing services are changing this perception. Today, going to TV is the last resort since you can develop a personalized communication approach using digital media in one third the price of making a TV ad.

Blanket ads: We are now talking about the era when people had no option but to create blanket ads targeting everyone. You had no idea whom you are talking to but the advertisement had to be based on approximation. Now digital media gives you a very accurate idea of who is reading your ad. This makes it easier for you to design your communication accordingly.

Door to door selling: People no longer believe in the concept of door to door selling. This is because the digital media services have brought them closer to the makers as well as the product making it easier for them to understand the product as well as take the purchase decision.

Letting people hear about you is always a popular option for marketers, but with digital media this becomes easier and cheaper. What does this result in? Well, put simply this leads to cheaper advertising making it an irresistible deal.

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