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Welcome To Our Drop The News Page
This page was created for one reason… To make it Quick And Easy for anyone to Drop The News to us here at Know-How-To-Earn for immediate publication, instead of you dropping the news by making a comment on one of our news category pages… Also, you can remain anonymous, or you can use your real name, company name, or nickname. Submitting your email, or any explanation about your link, are currently optional.

News Drop: A News Drop is a link to a newspaper article, social network tweet or post, website article, forum post, news video, blog post, a specific news radio/tv show, or a specific podcast episode, etc. A News Drop is also any news that you may receive in your email inbox about a small business, a fortune 500 company, or the latest good and bad news about a specific business opportunity program, etc. Use the form below…

Info Drop: A Info Drop is a link to a high-quality RSS Feed, Widget, or an alternative source of info for placement on our various Need-To-Know listings. We will view each submitted item to determine whether we will use it now, later, or never. If we choose to use it, we will place it on the appropriate page at the appropriate time. Use the form below…

Article Or Video Drop: If you are the author or creator of an informative, interesting, or instructive article or video about any appropriate subject matter, submit it to us for possible free publication. If we approve it, that article or video will be posted free on this site. However, you must first click over to this page (scroll down to the Fourth Service Section) for complete details and instructions. Do Not use the form below.

When you submit your information in the form below, we will publish your news immediately, or as soon as possible, after we receive it. In other words, we can’t guarantee the exact time of placement. Your link or info will be posted on the correct news category page listed in the menu above, if your link or info is approved.

“We Will Spread Your News, In Various Categories, To Our Diverse Audience.” -Admin & Team

There is No Spam, Advertising, Fake News, Promotion, or Inappropriate Content allowed, otherwise everything else is good-to-go (refer to the form below for the simple 1, 2, 3). Also, we reserve the right to Use, Or Refuse, any news that is submitted to us. However, our decision will never be based on any type of bias. We will post any news, pro or con, about any of our available news categories, if your news meets our criteria for this blog.

Breaking News, Trending News, or any news that we deem to be highly-important, or time-sensitive, will get top priority placement on the appropriate page, if your link is not already posted, and if we decide to use your link.

Note: Please use our Customer Service page for any questions and/or comments that you may have about this blog.

P. S. (This page is for News Only, and Not For Any Reviews, Or Comments. You are welcome to visit any of our news category pages to submit your news or comments there, and to also submit your blog, website, or affiliate link.) OK?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Basically, we need related news in any category, or money news, that our readers would find to
be useful and/or interesting. So (1) You submit it (2) We review it (3) If appropriate, we post it.
We Want To Add YOUR News, To OUR News, So That EVERYONE Has ALL The News

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How does this benefit you?: (A) You can brand your name or company name, if you submit links often.
(B) If you own a blog or website, you can get some free exposure, whenever someone clicks your link.
(C) You can share the news you like (similar to how you would share news on any social network site).