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World Wide Earning

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This is an advertising & revenue share program that delivers targeted guaranteed traffic.
World Wide Earning (WWE) [SERVICE]: Advertising And Digital Marketing… [PAYMENT PROCESSORS]: Payza, BitCoin, Payeer, Perfect Money… [PAY PLAN]: Revenue Share… [BASIC DETAILS]: Earn Up To 125% RevShare Profit… AdPack Rates: $1.00 [Free Membership], $15.00 [$6.99 Monthly], $30.00 [$6.99 Monthly]… Surf 10 Ads Daily In The Traffic Exchange To Earn A Profit… Advertising Services: *Banner Ads, *Text Ads, *Video Ads, *Login Ads, *PTC Ads, *AdPacks… Unique WWE Services: *Header Banner, *Listing Credits, *80 Sec Premium PTC Ads, *Capital Insurance, *Retirement Plan… Up To 3% Daily Earning Cap… WWE Is Registered In England As A DBA Under Company #10340821… WWE Has Affiliate Partnerships With Several Companies To Earn An Off-Site Income… Minimum Withdrawal Is $5.00 ($10.00 Free Members)… Earn Up To 9% Three-Level (7%|1%|1%) Referral Commission (4% 1-Level Free Members)…  [ADMINS]: Ahsan Abbas & Andrea Burriesci [PROGRAM STATUS]: Scheduled Launch On April 7, 2017…

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20 Thoughts to “World Wide Earning”

  1. Admin|Update

    Hi Everyone,

    Ok,quite a few people have asked me to give my input,so I’m happy to do so…I’ve been in so many online programs where everyone is left in “limbo” after communication goes awry.. i know very well how stressful and unpleasant it can be…so…i hope maybe i can bring a bit of peace of mind to everyone..

    I still very strongly belive everyone will get their seed back…why?…because simply unlike most programs which fail online,there is NOT a shortfall of money … nor is Abbas is a low life thief spinning out a load of crap with the intention of running off with everyone money….the few times we have spoken,he has told me of his continued commitment to refund everyone 110%…and irrespective of whatever the hell happened to WWE,what trades have been placed and so fourth,he is NO thief and will honour his word…..

    Anyway,As far as i know,Abbas is getting married in the next few days…(i was invited,but couldn’t make it due to health reasons) and it will be a longish 5 day affair or so….in the meantime the ETH trade will be ongoing i SUSPECT as it’s in a strong position at the moment..with a bit of luck it should get to around 400 USD which point i presume he will close it…

    I haven’t heard anything from Abbas for a while now…i’m guessing with wedding preparations and so fourth he hasn’t had’s a shame he couldn’t find time to contact me as a friend ,but,i understand with the position he isI hope that maybe some of you can now maybe sleep a bit better ….WWE certainly didn’t turn out the way we were all hoping for..not by a long shot…,but i still have total faith in Abbas’s word and in him as a good man….

    the word “scam” is bandied about so often online,that we forget just what a serious and terrible thing it is….wholesale theft (especially of those who reaally can’t afford to be)is no joking matter… might aswell walk into every house in your village and rob them blind,the distinction that this happens to be online is moot,the crime and damage to peoples’ lives is the same…Abbas is NOT one of these people (thank God)…

    All things considered (im sorry Abbas if i’ve spoken out of turn here…but i’m getting bombarded by worried members,and as an admin and friend to you,i have to say something) i am guessing it will be a few weeks before everyone (myself included for anyone who thinks admin have been paid off or whatever ) gets their refunds…but happen,it will….

    (PS..all the best for the wedding Abbas ..)

    Paul Marty|Facebook|August 29, 2017

  2. Admin|Update


    Site was off for two days because we were migrating servers and previous hosting was expired and there was no point to keep that hosting anymore. because there is no traffic on site and at the moment I am only using data so I can keep track about refunds.

    And another important thing which I also have mentioned in my last post is I am not coming with any update because there is no update to give. What shall I update about? that how I am eating, what I am wearing and where I am going? what shall I update every day about? this is a business profile group now an individual wall where I have to update my status every day or every hour, I hope that make sense.

    And I also mentioned in my last post that I am waiting for a strong point of purchase in trade, because this time if I loose I wont be able to recover that money because I am also using almost 40% of my own funds to recover the loss, and to be honest I cant do more then that. But here #Mr_Funny came n asking me questions that to give proof that I have transferred all btc into USD. ( My friend I havent transffered nothing to USD ) are you happy now ? then comes n ask BTC price has gone 3x up.

    then I would say ripple price has gone 3x down so should I refund 33% ? Please dont use old tactics to gather referrals and this is #WWE official group and its not someone’s personal wall. If you have to say something then I would suggest you to go and write what ever any of you want to write at your wall, But not here. And asking why I have launched when I knew there was issues in script?

    There was no issues in script in start, someone inside the developing team have created issues when I have sacked them and after that all issues started. And also everyone knows who have forced me more to launch , launch, launch all the time. And still I was working manually which all of you know. And tried evrything which was possible to get out of that situation which unfortunately I couldnt.

    And when you say why I didnt kept money when everyone knows BTC will go up. You know what, this is something funny which you saying. because when you know BTC will go up then why the hell you added money into WWE and why you have asked others to add money into WWE. Because you have Alladin Genie but I dont have who can tell me that BTC will go up and keep money in BTC. Anyways I would come to the point, As I mentioned in my last post that I am waiting for a strong point of purchase.

    I will be investing in OMG/USD pair as I can see a lot of potential in that and I am waiting for price to go down to 6 usd/ coin from current price which is 8.5usd percoin. because from that point I am expecting to recover atleast 30 percent. As long as price goes to 6 usd/ coin I am planing to add some more funds into my trading funds so I can recover max. Either it takes one day, one week or 2 weeks, I wont take risk untill I get a good purchase point, because I cant afford to loose at all.

    ( And also I have attached the screen shot of my trade in ETH/USD where I have lost funds so you guys can check it out by urself )

    Many thanks
    Ahsan Abbas

  3. Admin|Update

    ** REFUND UPDATE: August 9, 2017 **


    As you all know crypto market has been stablized as segwit has been fully implemented yesterday. Now we have a clear vision and go for a trade. Some coins have gone way more high then expected and some are still recovering. I will be going for major trade in very short period of time just waiting for a good purchase point now. And I am expecting to recover 20%to 25% in my next trade as I have done a lot of homework on this in last few days.And epecting to recover all in next 3 to 4 trades.

    In short term I will start approvind refunds with the amount I will recover from next trade. Hope for the best. Will see you all soon after finishing my first trade after segwit. And I will refund by coming live or will make video of approving refunds. Because many members think I am just talking here and not approving any refunds. Worse part is I have approved almost 3500 refunds and hardly 10 to 15 out of them have posted which is sad. Anyways I am not bothered about that as its my job n I have to finish it.

    Many Thanks.
    Ahsan Abbas‎|Admin

  4. Admin|Update

    ** REFUND UPDATE: July 23rd 2017 **


    We have recovered about 30% of what we have lost in our last trade, and because of that I have approved some refund requests today and now we are left only with 778 more refund requests. Profit and loss is part of business, when we make profit from somewhere at same time we can have loss as well. But I never turned my back and kept fighting. Something which is really painful in this industry is attitude of peoples.

    When you are trying to pull truck with bicycle then you should have some patience as well. When everything is going good then you are the peoples who treats admins like they are your “GOD” and when there are difficulties there are few opportunists who talk like a shit, I don’t wanna name but there are peoples who were licking me all the time when everything was good and tried to cash me out all the time, and now when we are a lil stuck ( and that is for very short period of time ) they talk shit like they have no connection with me at all, then why you have been praising me while you wanted refund before everyone else?.

    Anyways I don’t wanna go deep into it, and doing my job what I am supposed to do, soon will recover all other loss pay you all back and say GOOD BYE.

    Many Thanks.
    Ahsan Abbas|Admin

  5. Admin|Update



    I think I couldn’t explain something properly yesterday.

    I was asking info of those members only who have added funds via their payment processor, but after adding funds that funds didnt appear at thier dashboard in cash balance. Or only those members who cant login to their accounts.

    Please I need only above mentioned info. because rest of all info I already have that who added how much funds and have withdrawn how much funds, You dont have to provide that info to me at the moment.

    Please provide info of only those funds which you have added and got deducted from your payment processor but after that didnt show up in your cash balance.

    I will need User name, email, Payment processor type, amount in USD, and 2nd thing which you can comment under this post is info of those members who cant login to their account. Those members need to provide me Old user name, and email address which they want to use now to get logged in to account.

    Please I need all this max by Monday, so we can speed up refunds after that.

    If still you have any questions then feel free to contact me or any regional rep.

    Many thanks
    Ahsan Abbas

  6. AdminUpdate

    A Video Update From The Admin: Ahsan Abbas (June 28, 2017)

    A Written Update From The Admin: Ahsan Abbas (June 28, 2017)

    Some members coming to me and to our regional reps and saying… When we have added funds BTC price was $1250 now its $2500 USD we are loosing money in refund.

    What about those who have added funds when BTC price was $2900 USD and now its $2500 and what about those who have added funds when BTC price was $2900 USD and they have requested withdrawals when price was $2200?

    We are not and never been a BTC based program, we have accepted funds in shape of USD and refunding In USD as well.

    What if I say when you guys have added funds Iphone 6 price was 619 USD and now its 499 USD so I should pay back less? Does that make sense?

    And I said earlier we are not closing company, we are pausing it. The reason I am refunding is because I know to complete this site can take time. And during that time I don’t want to hold no one’s money.

    And want to give you choice that after reluanch if you want to join then join , if don’t then I respect your decision because its your money, Am I doing wrong in this?

  7. Admin|Update



    Today is mixture of good and bad news. I never thought I will come up with this update ever but its part of life. We have been genrating enough profit during all the time to keep business live.

    There are many members who are in much more profit then what they have added into system but there are many with not even a single withdrawal because of their trust on us and because they have been thinking to build it for life passive earnings.

    When we have launched there was space in market, and my only intentions were to bring something really great and un stopable and we had a great start ( thanks to you all for turst ). But unluckily from start we were facing technical issues which I never even thought about that I will face. I kept fighting with situation and put all of my efforts into it, but situation is getting worse and worse day by day and a lot of negativity everywhere.

    One thing I promised in start was your money will always remain safe with me, and I wanna stay on words, and don’t ever wants to let those down who gave me such a respect and love. Because I wasn’t famous and open to market as trust admin, best trader, top earner or top invester, because everything I have done in my life I never bring it into public, because I don’t have to do that.

    Now when we are having all these issues and facing every day new one, after discussing with our management team, we came into a point that we will refund every one with 110% atleast and 120% max of their deposited funds. 110% minimum is for sure. Because I want to share the profit which I made, because that profit was with the money of you all and it belongs to you.

    I don’t want to hold no one’s money untill we don’t come up with the finest website, Because I cant go with pro script as I cant trust someone from out side. I want to refund so we can take our time and then after that we can work on the project and will relaunch after full testing and for that we will make panel of 40 leaders from the industry and will only relaunch after getting ok sign from them. This all process can take between 2 to 3 months, that is reason why I dont want to hold no money with me, so you all can do what you like with your money.

    This refund process can take between 10 to 15 days (I want to finish it up asap)

    There will be following steps for refund.

    1: First of all I need all those members who have added funds and after that funds were not showing at their dashboards. ( Last date for letting me know about any add funds issue is ” July 3rd 2017 ” ) After that I won’t be able to add funds in any account.
    2: on 4th of july I will add funds in to all accounts ( Missing add funds )
    3: from 4th July ( Tuesday ) till 7th July (Friday ) We will complete our calculation of remaining funds which we owe to members ( Minimum 110% of their deposited funds ).
    4: 8th and 9th of July members will have time to inform us if they having any issues regarding inaccurate calculations.
    5: on 10th of July we will sort out if there is any inaccurate calculations.
    6: From 11th of July I will start approving refunds. which will be complete in max 5 days. First of all I will approve refunds in Perfect money, then Adv Cash, then Payeer, then Payza, and then Bitcoin.

    After refunding every one we will be working and will take our full time to work on development and you will have your money so you can do what you like to do with that. I won’t say promote our project after that as I have disapointed you all already, but it was part of life and I really appologize for all this. And whoever want to join that project will be most welcomed.

    So I would like to start from first phase of refunds, After my this post my regional reps will make posts, please comment or email at “” with your User name, Email, amount of funds which you added and not showing at your dashboard.

    First of all I would say please report it to regional reps so they can update me , because that way will take less time to sort it out instead of sending me emails or inboxing me at facebook. Type Yes if you have add funds issue, me or any of our regional reps will contact you to take detail from you, instead of you inbox us.

    Specially thanks to our regional reps for your efforts Paul Marty, Zorica Karanovic, Arslan Afzal, Gourav Sharma, Jaspreet Singh Marcin Stachyra, Kamil Lewandowski, Ranjit Singh, Ali Iftikhar, Fahad Javed, Maz Sujon, Emanuel Cooper, Pepi Karabasi, Stefan Fiste, Michele Holmes, Penny Bruvold, Manuel Sousa, Abdul Munim, Abdul Aziz, Rony Ahmed, SA Aliza, Ahmad Dal, Shamim Hossen

    And to those as well who have helped a lot even without being in management or regional rep team as Zia Tayyab, Prateek More, Riccardo Vetrano, Lukas Jozwicki, Lukasz Wojna, Ismail Shaikh, Gaurav Rawat, Nathubha Gondalwala, Abhilash Sethu, Agustinus Talim and many more.

    Thanks for being with us

    Love you All
    Ahsan Abbas

  8. Admin|Update

    **ANNOYED **


    I am just so tired because of few peoples here who come from no where and talk shit like they are dad to me or any of our management team.

    ( I appologise about my language but ) But there are many who complain for every single small thing and creating panic for no reason, Why is that ? Well, I know why is that, because those peoples who do all this stupidness they deserve someone like who come , take their hard earn money and f***k them on their a**s.

    Let me ask one question here, you really know how to complain and how to create panic and just go n start blaming others, but what you are doing exactly for the system or to make it established? what are your efforts ??

    Many here went to my regional reps inbox, and mine as well and going to those members who are really working hard for the system and for every one here and blaming them, what is all this for??

    I wanted to share some screen shots of approved withdrawals of last 2 days almost, just have a look at that and let me know how many out of them tried even once to appriciate it?? Not more then 10 ? but why ? is it only my responsibility or my regional reps responsibility to kill ourselev? while they are not getting anything extra from here , they are not paid promoters are workers like all other programs have, and they are putting all of their efforts for you all volunterly then why all this drama for?

    I have explained thousands of time , if you having any issue then report it to any of regional rep so they can send a list to me and I can work on them, and after that if you keep messaging me or commenting under my post, then whoz fault is this?

    In last one and half month almost we hardly got any funds if I say in figures then even less then 15k in total, but still approving withdrawals because I want to provide passive income to every one here, is that is what is our fault?

    If there was anyother program or anyother owner or any other management, they would shut the system and will just say bye to you all, and tell me one thing. Can’t we do that same shit ? We can do. But we don’t because I am feeding my family by earning from here, and I have no intentions to feed them ” Haraam “.

    If there will be any issues I wont be wearing bangles and will just hide from the situation, I have balls to come on front and say things on face, Because there is nothing in my life which I have ever done wrong.

    Many Thanks, Ahsan Abbas

  9. Admin|Update

    *** UPDATE ***

    Greetings!! More then 80% withdrawals has been approved and still I am working on approving remaining withdrawals. And please don’t forget to surf 10 ads only to qualify for receiving earnings from today.

    If there is any member who is not receiving emails with pin while they try to login, withdraw or change payment processor detail. Please send your username and gmail adress to your regional rep or directly to zorica or Paul Marty so they send me list of all those members.

    (Credit goes to Marcin Stachyra for this idea because no one is having issues with gmail and we can replace those members email adress with gmail ).


    If there is any member having any issue then please report to the names mentioned in my previous post so they can report it to Zorica Karanovic so I can sort out all individuals issues.

    Many thanks, Ahsan Abbas
    #WWE2.0 #OurVisionYourFuture

  10. Admin|Update

    UPDATE*** 20/06

    The LogIn list has now been cleared.



    Thank you for all your patience….

    -Paul Marty

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