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Ultimate RevShare

ban468-UltimateRS468Ultimate RevShare is a advertising & revshare program which delivers guaranteed traffic.
Program Name: Ultimate RevShare Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, STP, OK Pay, 2Pay4You, Payeer, PM, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: Launched On October 22, 2015… Earn 110% to 135%… Media-Pack Rates: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $40… 3% to 12% Daily Cap… 50% Repurchase Rule… Min/Max Daily Withdrawal: $10.00/$120.00 Paid Within 24 Hours… 3% Deposit Fee… The “Profit Booster” Feature Will Be Activated If Necessary For Ongoing Sustainability… Maximum Deposit Is $2000 and Maximum Withdrawal Is 300% ($6000)… Members Receive One Free Ebook Each Month… 12% 2-Level Referral Commission Admin: Tom Taylor More Info: Home FAQ Earnings page.

Thank You,                                                   UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                              No Longer In Business

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10 Thoughts to “Ultimate RevShare”

  1. Admin|Update

    *************ATTENTION URS AND P4E MEMBERS**************

    I have 2 announcements to make this morning.

    1.) After many months of being online Tom has decided to close the “doors” of this URS group and for he and the admins to focus our energy on the Pays4Ever group instead. The only way to do that is to delete all the members individually in the URS group. As everyone can clearly see that number is over 20,000 members so this is going to take a while. I wanted to let everyone know this so if you suddenly lose access to or can’t see the group anymore, that’s why. If you’re an active member in here then you already know that we have the Pays4Ever group now which is where we will all be focusing our efforts and attention there as it is for PAID members only. Please do no add your friends unless they have paid into p4e. Thanks for your understanding folks.

    2.) EARLY UPGRADING!!! It is with great pleasure that I make a change to my previous posts (or just delete them altogether) about upgrading before your lower levels are full. Forget everything I, or ANYONE else, has said about it to this point. If you WANT to upgrade early … YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU HAVE IT! It makes sense if you think about it, right?! We don’t want to slow down the momentum of those that want to show their commitment level by upgrading early. So NOW I get to say congratulations to you instead of being irritated because you didn’t follow directions, haha! So good on those that upgrade early because they CAN!! So, if you HAVE already upgraded, all is good, no worries, keep on moving and promote, promote, promote!!!

    Let’s rock this Pays4Ever “Thing” folks!!!

    -Lee Woodsum

  2. Admin|Update

    Hi all, those of you that celebrated the 4th July, I hope you had a great time, those that are celebrating the end of Ramadan, likewise 🙂

    Time for another VERY detailed update, as per usual in 2 languages:
    For English:
    For Espanol:

    For your convenience, both files have been uploaded to our Files section as well – Thank you

    -Tom Taylor|Admin

  3. Admin|Update

    So, it has been a LONG and crazy week! After most of us put our faith in the URS Recovery system known as Paid Rocket, it has become apparent that the system has stalled for the majority of members. The absence of Tom during this, well … CRISIS has led me to the following ideas…

    Tom made me an admin in the group for one reason and one reason only because he saw that I was always making an effort to answer questions, find solutions and ultimately be an overall general help. While most people might run and hide in a fetal position while sucking their thumb and rubbing the back of their ears, *I* am choosing to NOT sit by the sidelines and watch a crisis continue to unfold.

    For the last couple of days I have been trying to make sense out of all that has happened and I believe I have found out why and what to do to fix it. Most of these types of opportunities like this require other people to be recruited into them in order to be successful. If everyone does THEIR part of getting 4 people to see the vision and then teach them to show 4 of their own this works perfectly.

    What if I showed you HOW to do that for yourself so we are not all depending on OTHERS to do it for us??? I am in the process of putting together a few things that, when finished, should work perfectly in showing you all the truth about these opportunities and how to maximize them to your advantage, making them your best friend rather than the very thing that makes your skin crawl and give up making money online!!

    I say, ENOUGH!!! I am ready to make this work regardless of what it takes! I want to help you all put SMILES on your faces! NO MORE being led astray! NO MORE being abandoned!! We have seen ENOUGH anger in here, right?!?! We need to make this work for ourselves!

    Stay tuned for a video from me on YouTube so you can see and hear me, yes, the real Lee Woodsum talk to you about how to make PaidRocket (and others like it) work for you. Once there, I would ENCOURAGE YOU to subscribe to my channel so you all can get the latest updates from me on there so you can keep up with what works and what doesn’t in the industry. I will be putting up a poll soon to gauge interest from that to see if it’s worth it for me to help you guys.


    -Lee Woodsum

  4. Admin|Update

    1. DO NOT pay anyone until you receive the correct message from your upline. Wait for the message…
    2. Please people upgrade your downline as soon as possible.. I know we all have lives outside of the computer but please check often and upgrade so we can all move forward.
    3. Payza will send you an email when you have received a payment, so watch your personal emails as well.
    4. Do not create new accounts. This is going to slow things down.. Just have patience and wait for your downline to show.
    5. Do Not send any money to Alexvaladia, Poseidon, or ampore unless you have the proper message from them.
    6. Do not post upgrade requests in the group. Chances are they won’t get seen here. Use the proper procedures and wait like everyone else.
    7. Always use the correct message to contact your downline. Copy and paste it in word or something. I have mine copied in word 8 times and already filled in with everything but the usename i am sending it to so it will be ready quickly.
    8. We can’t fix the accounts. You will get your downline please be patient. Think that about covers things for now.. Good luck to everyone. and Please watch for the upgrade requests and be patient.

    -Karen Breeden

  5. Admin|Update

    Dear Members! I have a Good news and a Bad news for you, which we experienced after the launch of the Recovery Program, and have found a solution to fix the bad news. Please read this post carefully and follow everything exactly as outlined in this post!

    First of all, the good news is that the matrix has worked perfectly as expected, filling the downlines of everyone in the exact order, giving everyone 4 direct downline members, and 16 downline members in the 2nd level downline and so on.

    The bad part was that we had almost the same time of launching access problems to Payza, which caused the trouble with payments to wrong upline/sponsor.

    As the program is designed to enable only upgraded members to get the payments from their downline, and many members who registering their PaidRocket accounts and paying the upgrade fee, while their upline not being upgraded yet, the payments were directed to open positions in higher levels than their sponsors.

    At this stage, we can fix the error, by stopping and upgrade payments regardless for which level, in order to give everyone some time, who sent the level-1 payment but some still not upgraded yet.

    I am asking all of you to stop sending upgrade payments now for the next 10-12 hours, until all members are upgraded to level-1. When this happened, I will update you with the next step, which is the solution to get everything in order again, so everyone can get the upgrade payment as the correct upline for each of the levels. Once this is cleared in the next 10-12 hours, and all members who sent their payments and are in level-1, we will reverse the upgrade process!

    So, the most important thing for now is to stop sending payments for any level, so everyone can then send their upgrade payments to the correct upline members, with:

    $5 to the second level upline,
    $10 to the third level upline,
    $20 to the fourth level upline.

    If we continued to upgrade with the current situation,, having members advancing higher than their correct uplines, the payments would continue to go to wrong upline members, like it happened with few names coming up again and again, as the correct upline was not able to receive payments, having not been upgraded yet, and this is what we want to make sure now, that all members have the level-1 status first, so we can reverse the upgrade process.

    Reverse means: All members who have upgraded to the next higher level, say level-2, will send a message to their level-2 downline members(16 members) who are still in level-1, confirming that they can now upgrade to level-2 and is ready to upgrade them fast as soon as receiving the payments.

    All members who upgraded to level-3, will send a message to their level-3 members (64) confirming that they can now upgrade to level-3, and that he/she is able to receive level-3 payments, and will confirm the payments as soon as received. Same will be the case for level-4 (sending the message to 256 downline members) and so on.

    This way, no one will be able to send the upgrade payment to wrong upline, as everyone will only then upgrade to higher level, when their level-2, level-3 and level-4 uplines confirming their ability to accept that levels payment and upgrade them.

    some members sending payments but not submitting the transaction ID to complete the upgrade and many not inserting the correct payment note, writing URS Payment, URS Recovery etc. etc.

    some members sending payments but not submitting the transaction ID to complete the upgrade process and the upline cannot upgrade the downline member, if there is no confirmation request.

    It does not help to send an email to the upline, asking to upgrade, if there is no confirm request in place…and that must be fixed as well, for which I will include the exact steps to eliminate these errors, as it makes it difficult to identify the payment and confirm, if the username is not included in the payment note.

    Stay tuned and stay calm, as everything is under control, and will be better when we post the update with reversing the upgrade process, which will enable everyone to get paid for the levels which they own and that no more wrong payments can happen.

    Please stop sending upgrade payments for any of the levels, until the next update in the next 8-10 hours.

    -Tom Taylor/Admin

  6. Admin|Update

    Dear Members, Here is just a short update just to remind some of you who did not register a Payza account yet, or had some questions about what to do next to get ready for the URS Recovery Program.

    It is already Thursday in some parts of the world and I will be updating all of you with more details about the URS Recovery Program on Friday and as I said in my previous update and the URS Recovery Program button in your URS account will be linked to the program ready for you on Saturday to register any activate it on Saturday (Midnight Server time) Please make sure that you have your Payza account ready with $3 in it, so you can activate your URS Recovery Program Saturday and start earning automated payments to your Payza account!

    There will be also a video tutorial on how to use your URS Recovery program as a step-by-step tutorial.

    Here are now some of the most frequently asked questions which I am answering now, so no question is left open and that everyone understand how you will earn your deposits and the lost profits from.

    I made my URS deposit from my STP/Bitcoin/Payeer account, will I get my refund via STP? No, you will not get your deposit back to your STP account…you won’t get a refund either, but through the URS Recovery Program you will get paid multiple times of your URS deposit which will also include more than your lost profits from URS.

    Question: I have more than $3 in my URS account, why do I need to deposit another $3? You do not need any balance in your URS account for the URS Recovery Program, as the URS Recovery Program is an independent program which is setup by the Admin I am working with and by myself for the URS Members to create outside income for everyone. So, in another words, you must have a Payza account and $3 ready in it…and not for depositing it to your URS account. Just have $3 in your Payza account ready by Friday.

    I made my deposits to my URS account through Payeer/BTC/STP what about those who did not deposit via Payza? As you will have read from the 2 Updates before, all members need a Payza account and have $3 ready in it to activate the URS Recovery Program and there is no difference for you when you see the below example:

    – You made a $100 deposit to your URS account from STP/BTC/Payeer and had a balance of $700 in URS.
    – You will have a Payza account now (Get one immediately and get $3 in to it!), and you will get paid lets say $1,500 in to your payza account and will have the $1,500 in your payza account in few days upon activating your URS Recovery Program account. The $1,500 is just an example! It might be $2,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 that you will get paid from this program (as I do not like to make it sound over-promising)!
    – The fact remains that you now have made back $1,500 through my efforts, which is same as if you have gotten this money from URS, because I am the one who is setting this up now for you. It is your Payza account and it is your money…so no need to ask questions regarding other payment processors..
    Just follow what I am asking you to do.

    Question: I have added funds to my URS account through Payza and through BTC/Payeer/STP…will I be able to recover only the funds I deposited through payza? and if yes, what about the other processor deposits? Regardless of how many processors you used to fund your URS account before and how much you deposited total, the URS Recovery Program will recover the full deposit amount of all the processors you used, including your profits you had in your URS1.0 account!

    As already stated in one of the other answers, your Payza account is your account and the money in it, which you will get from the URS Recovery Program will be your money…so no difference for you…the only difference comparing to now will be that you will have all your deposits AND the max profit amount from URS1.0 back, if not 10x of that,…all in your Payza account.

    Question: I am having difficulties to get a Payza account/to get $3 in to my new Payza account,..what should I do? Please contact your sponsor by email or any other way and ask him/her to send to your Payza account $3,50 (after fees deducted you will have at least $3) and you can then send the $3,50 back as soon as you start receiving payments from the URS Recovery Program. If our Payza funds would have not been frozen for the disputes of some of the members, I would send you all the necessary $3 but I can’t do it having the funds frozen sitting in our Payza accounts.

    I have supported URS with full confidence until recently and see that the changes did not work, why should I trust you now? It is up to you if you want to trust the URS Recovery Program or not, as all I can do is to create a situation for everyone to get paid automated payments in to their Payza accounts and I did everything was possible for me and I am happy to have the support of the Admin who is working with me now to help URS to make everyone’s money back PLUS the lost profits and possibly 10x of that!

    The next reason why you should trust is, that the URS Recovery Program has nothing to do with Revenue Share or Adpacks…it is a ready made program for all of you, which will provide automatic payments to your Payza account, and as you saw in my previous updates, you will not pay URS and get paid from Member2Member through this automated program.

    I could not say much to make you believe, if it were something about a change in URS Revenue share earnings, but I can say that you need to trust as it will take only a Payza account with $3 in it, to make all your deposits and profits back and probably 10x of that within few short days to 2 weeks from now.

    I do not like to defend myself talking how nice I am, but one thing I must still mention; I did not walk away with your money and took the fight against any challenge that came up, still wanting to help all, knowing so many having open a dispute, although the terms clearly saying that you buy an advertising and that URS is not a HYIP or Interest based business, but gives a bonus of earnings for Adpacks purchased and still fighting against all challenges creating the URS Recovery Program for all, not even saying that only those who did not earn their deposit back, but including for those who made big time income from URS, having deposited only $100 or $200 but withdrawn over $10,000, $15,000 or even more.

    So, as I said, I cannot force anyone to do what is needed now but only say how you can earn back fast your URS Deposit PLUS your lost profits from URS1.0 only with a Payza account with $3 in it and to be ready to activate your URS Recovery Program account on Saturday.

    Guys, all it takes now is to have your Payza account with $3 ready in it..thats all!

    Question: What about my advertising credits and adpacks not earning and revenue currently? We are working at the same time on a huge amount of disputes solving one by one all of them and I hope that most of them, if not all will be closed by all members who will start making money right away with the URS Recovery Program, which I am sure of considering that most of you if not all are honest enough to cancel the disputes on Payza as soon as you start getting automated payments to you Payza through this program.

    So, while creating this program for all of you, working at the same time to solve the disputes we had to stop the Adpack earnings for now, to have less trouble in book keeping and checking all accounts one by one, as we do not want to close those accounts because of disputes and the only thing that was left for us to do is to stop the earnings at this stage and concentrate only to make you all money much much faster than with your Adpack earnings. So all can be happy and have the whole issue solved automatically and we will get back to start the Adpacks earnings as we progress with the URS Recovery Program and finally there will be a Program #2 about 10 days later which will earn another bigger stake of income.

    After finally everyone have earned at least the initial deposit PLUS the lost profits from URS1.0,.. if not 10x of that, we will continue providing the full advertising service including the Adpacks. Then everyone will have the choice whatever they want to do with their advertising credits and the active adpacks currently sitting on their accounts.

    When will the URS Recovery Program start? It will be ready for you to join and activate your URS Recovery Program account on Saturday at Midnight Server time (shown in member area) in members area as the button will lead you to the page to create your account, and you will also see a video tutorial on how to use this account and how you will get automated payments to your Payza account.

    FYI: The site will be available in English, Spanish and French!

    Anything left open, should still be some open questions, will be addressed on Friday’s update and until then: Please contact all your referrals sending them an email, or calling them, just to make sure that all members get the info about the URS Recovery Program and be as well ready with a Payza account with $3 in it by Friday.

    -Tom Taylor

  7. Admin|Update

    Dear Members;

    As announced last Saturday, I am following up with the update about the URS Recovery Program which is almost ready to start for all URS Members, and there is just 1 minor thing for some of you to take care of who do not have a Payza account, to take care the preparation today or latest tomorrow, to be able to activate your URS Recovery Program account.

    As I was talking about Payza in my previous post, this is a special 100% fully automated program which is based on Payza payments, as most of our members (almost 80%) have made their deposits via Payza and only few from other processors compared to Payza and therefore Payza is the most convenient processor for most of the members to recover their deposits and profits from URS as well as the most reliable processor for a fully automated process. Furthermore some of the processors can NOT be used in a fully automated process and as there is NO admin involved, it would only lead to delays, whereas with Payza you will get paid Instantly!

    Let me remind you that this is a Member 2 Member program, there is NO admin or middleman involved at all – PERIOD!

    GOOD NEWS!: The URS Recovery Program is almost ready, which passed the Beta testing so far and everything is working perfect in terms of providing the automation for all members to earn more than their initial deposit to URS including the lost profits from URS!

    As mentioned in my last post, I do not like to over-promise but what I can tell you right now is that you all of you will earn at least your deposits and lost profits from URS if not much more than that, as everything is working better than expected with the program so far, everything is automated, so no-one will be left behind and we need only few more days to complete the beta testing of it.

    As I said also before, this program is not only for URS Members, but will be shared with over 2 Million+ other online income seeking users from other networks, whereby it will be shared FIRST with URS members, then it will be shared with a small network of 150.000 people and then finally with a bigger network of over 2M+ people!

    The reason for doing this is to absolutely guarantee full earnings for ALL our members who chose to participate and I am very grateful that the admin of that program has offered this to us first!

    Here is what all members who do not have a Payza account, need to do today, but by the latest tomorrow to get ready for the URS Recovery Program and to be ready to activate it: If you haven’t got a Payza account at all – Click the link and register your Payza account (Free) –

    As soon as you can, deposit $3 into your account (ONE TIME ONLY!). Once you have the $3 available in your Payza account, you are ready for the activation of your URS Recovery account!

    – Those who have used Payza before and have an account, please make sure that you have at least $3 in your Payza account available.

    I will update you by Friday at the latest with more in depth details about the URS Recovery Program, as soon as the beta testing is finished, and will let you know, when the button will be active in your members area, and we will also post there some more details.

    Please do not submit any tickets in your URS account, so we can concentrate more on the URS Recovery program, as this will resolve any of your issues regarding your URS account with more earnings than you ever expected from URS! Please also read this post carefully, as I’ve seen so many comments with questions to my previous post which are already explained here.

    Just know, that everyone and everything will be taken care before we activate the button 🙂


  8. Admin|Update

    Hi all,

    I have very important and difficult message. This is to inform all URS members that URS can no longer continue. URS had many problems before I took over like too high payouts, too much commission, fraud and stacking. I have tried many changes since then to keep program going, but failed in every approach we made to sustain URS.

    Also, after transfer of Ownership by Tom to me, all of those funds transferred by Tom were recently frozen by Payza because many disputes. This is close to $70000. A large amount of funds we had to restart was in Payza. After sending email to payza with all necessary information they still froze funds for 180 days because of many disputes. We still have some funds in Payza not frozen and other processors that we will refund to members and there is refund button for frozen payza funds so these frozen funds can still be refund to member.

    Since relaunch everyone is withdrawing and I paid more money out than what was coming in. Now with this, and frozen funds in Payza is major blow and we cannot continue to sustain URS. We asked many to give us a chance to restart the program but many people still dispute.

    Starting today I look at all accounts in detail. Please give me time because I want to find a way to give refunds but need to figure those details. I am not going anywhere and will be working from today to refund members who not in profit even if its partial amount.

    I am very sorry but I tried my best to keep going and did not work. Stay on the Facebook group and I will give information as I can.

    J Siddik Meman

  9. Admin|Update

    The Admin, Tom Taylor, Responds To Scam Allegations, And Explains About The Current Status Of The Program… Included Below Is A Video From Tamoor Tariq That Reveals His Side Of The Story… According To Tamoor, Tom Tried To Sell URS To Him On May 5, 2016.

    June 4 at 2:59pm

    Hi all, I really don’t know where to begin as the past few days have been an emotional roller coaster for my wife Cathy and I! Having been called all sort of names under the sun and being accused of the most incredible things, it is time to set the record straight once and for all!

    First of all, those who have known me for more than 3-4 years as you have joined me in my journey through many of my previous programs know that I NEVER scam anybody out of their money – PERIOD! Sometimes in life you have to make some very tough decisions, decisions that will never please everybody!

    In my honest opinion, every now and then, it’s better to make the WRONG decision, than to make NO decision at all! So even I have been online 20 years +, do I consider myself perfect? NEVER!! I am learning new things every single day of my life! Do I make or did make mistakes? YES!!!!

    The point I am trying to make is this: We are all human, not some friggin robot where you push the button every morning and everything goes according to plan! In reality, that never happens, having said all that, I never hide, I never see the need to defend myself, as in the end: No matter what you do as an admin, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep everybody happy! There will always be haters, jealous people and then some more.

    I was extremely grateful, that James was the only person to put up his hand 3 weeks ago when circumstances prevented me from going on as an owner/admin, so let me say this to clear the biggest deception out there: The site was NEVER sold! I handed everything over to James including ALL funds in the processors available at the time. And to those who seen or commented on a certain screenshot showing Payza transfers? You need to get a life!!

    1. Payza’s daily limit for transfers is $50,000
    2. As I was holding more than $100K in my account at the time of change over, it took several days to transfer all!
    3. Those that seem to think That James has ALL this money, let me remind you of 1 very simple fact: WHO or WHAT do you think paid for payouts????? Ok, so we transferred $50K for a few days, but HELLOOOOOOOO, average payouts per day in Payza alone was around $40K, the last day of payouts before changes to the platform was over $55,000!

    Same goes for all other processors, blame that on me if funds are not what you expect to be, as I simply reacted way too late to \put on the brakes’ to slow things down. If that is a crime? Guilty as charged! I have been transparent throughout the whole journey of URS, I will continue to do so to support the new admin and all of you that have shown their trust and support in all of us.

    I James the perfect admin? Far from it, but you know what? I admire his huts and determination, to bring back URS where it supposed to be – rather than what MANY other admins would have done: put it all into the ‘too hard basket’ and leave!

    James is a great individual and whilst he may not have the same reputation (YET) as a Julz or Tom or whoever, let me assure you 1 thing: He means well, his intentions are pure and all I ask of all of you, is to give the guy a brake and support him as much as you would support myself and/or any other admin for that matter.

    In closing, let me say this: i read many comments re: Why isn’t my balance in cash account? Well, James had 2 options, do it the way it;s been done to secure the LONG TERM success of URS, OR Be back to the same crap within a few weeks, simple as that! We are at the start of something very special here: A NEW BEGINNING! We WILL succeed, with or without you! Life is all about choices, only YOU can decide which action to take.

    I am extremely grateful to ALL FB admins who do all their work for NOTHING!! NO financial rewards, but dedicating a large portion of their own personal life to help YOU, the member! It’s time to appreciate the time less hours and efforts put forth by our great group of people. Make NO mistake, We will come back better and stronger! Is the new plan perfect? Hell no, but under the current circumstances the BEST solution available!

    I wish you all the success that you deserve, together we can make things happening! Ain’t NO stopping us now. Thanks for all your trust, your extreme patience and your support #URSfoever

    A Video Rebuttal From: Tamoor Tariq: Was your money stolen in Ultimate Revshare??…

  10. Admin

    An Update From Tom
    A U.R.S. Update

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