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Triple Threat

ban2-triplethreat468Triple Threat is an advertising and revenue share program that delivers targeted traffic…
Program Name
Triple Threat Product/Service: Advertising… Processors: PZ, Payeer, STP, BitCoin… Pay Plan Type: RevShare… Basic Details: Launched On September 29, 2015… Three Commission Earning Phases: Subscription|RevShare|Solo Ads… Earn Up To 150% Revenue Share… $10.00 Monthly Subscription with $5.00 Monthly Referral Commission… Five Tier AdPack Commissions… You Receive $50 After Each Solo Ad Expires… 25% to 50% Repurchase Rule… AdPack Revenue Shared Hourly… $10 Minimum Withdrawal Paid Within 24 Hours Mon-Fri… Surf 10 to 20 Websites Daily… $10 Minimum Deposit with a 4.5% Fee… Admin: Ray Scott… More Info: Read the Home|H.I.W.|F.A.Q.|T&C|Privacy page.

Thank You,                                                   UPDATE: This Program Is
Admin & Team                                               No Longer In Business

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5 Thoughts to “Triple Threat”

  1. Admin

    To All Supporting Members,
    I want to first begin with thanking each and everyone of you for your belief and support of TT3/SharesThatCare! This would not be possible without you all!

    Programmer has notified us that all of the changes we requested for TT3 can be done, which is exciting news! If you forgot what those things are let us remind you all: Cap Reset, monthly membership for new $1 adpacks separate from current wallet so that everyone can be paid daily who participate in that advertising solution, and 15% immediate commission to your payment processor!

    Here is the EXCITING NEWS FOR STC…

    Since the launch of STC the majority of members that participate in our program have expressed thoughts of the membership being monthly rather then weekly for Ap1 through Ap5. We have since then discussed among the admin team and have decided to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the best outcome for you all to succeed!

    We will be changing the $5 weekly membership to a monthly membership of $20! This way you have ample time for your accounts to grow before your next membership is due.

    In honor of your continuous support of STC there will be NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT for the next TWO WEEKS on any of the adpacks!

    With this announcement it’s the perfect opportunity to join, promote, bring in referrals, and also show them your strategy you used to build with STC and any other opportunities!

    For those who have received payouts be sure to post them in the group this allows all new guest interested to see the amazing opportunity we have here supporting one another.

  2. Admin

    UPDATE FROM ADMIN: A Revolution is upon us TT3/STC
    TT3 community,

    The necessary changes have been made to gain the fire needed to blast Triple Threat Marketing to the next level! As a community we must put our thoughts, mind, and strategies together to achieve everyone’s ultimate goal, FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Guess what… The big brother Shares That Care revenue sharing is here to give some balance for all TT3 members! Join our Facebook group to see the new changes that will bring the fire to TT3 from the big brother STC.


  3. Admin

    From: Chris Honore… Triple Thr3at SCAM Reference Website

  4. Admin

    A Triple Threat Update From Facebook
    Triple Threat Update From Facebook

  5. Admin

    A T.T. Admin Update
    We here at Triple Thr3at Marketing would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. Without you we would have not been able to accomplish the success that we have seen thus far.

    We would not have been able to pay out almost 3 million dollars to over 19,000 subscribed members in almost 6 months without each and every one of you and your consistent and unwavering positivity and support.

    Thank you!

    As to the 25 thousand of you that are reading this I have one thing to ask you. What are YOU waiting for?

    Business Statistics for 3/26/2016

    Total Members : 45264
    Upgraded Members : 19338
    Total Payouts : $2,835,062.49

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